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de Blob Review 0

When looking at the library of games out there for the Wii quality third-party games are a fairly small minority. Party games and shovelware tend to find their way straight onto the Wii. Thankfully de Blob is neither of those. Instead de Blob presents itself as platformer. Moving around levels as a blob of paint players are changing a world of black and white to one of vibrant color. The story of de Blob revolves around I.N.K.T. a government banning color from the world. Going to each new enviro...

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A classic idea of Cat and Mouse. 0

The ideas behind The Ship while refreshingly original are quite simple. You, a man or woman have been invited by Mr. X to an all expense paid cruise on one of his fine 1920’s era cruise liners. There just one small catch to this seemingly wonderful trip. To earn your free cruise you have been given the name of one other passenger on the cruise ship whom you must find and secretly murder. Sound simple? Not quite because someone else on the boat has your name as well. The Ship in simple terms is a...

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