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I'm willing to tolerate hand-holding in modern gaming because it makes multi-million dollar blockbusters possible by expanding the market. I also like not having to refer back to the manual constantly. Up until the end of the PS2/Xbox era I was still reading manuals cover to cover out of habit because of it, just because I didn't want to miss anything.

By the same token, not all books need to be challenging. Some of my favorite books have been easy, summer reads.

I do agree that there's a lot of times when hand-holding is appreciated. Having implemented, contextual tutorial-texts shown, giving you the game mechanics on a silver-platter so to speak, is nothing offensive afterall. But I have noticed that there's more and more games seems to almost never let the hand go of you, forcing you to pace yourself to their games instead the other way. As I am believe in choice and such... well, it would be nice to have it all optional.

I know that a lot of games to keep it optional and such, but still I feel that there's too much blatant and obvious text, either reminding you of stuff you already know or stuff like how to move your character, that annoys me from time to time.

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This may or may not have already been mentioned, but to all the people who are completely baffled by the 180 degree turn of the story in the end... Well, there's this theory going around the net about Shepherd having a very sad times in his head. Something that gnaws at the edge of his mind and tries to distract him from the real problem. The theory is that the ending is Shepherd being indoctrinated. It's all in his head. A battle to be controlled or fighting it off. There's more to see on an interesting Youtube video. Just search for Mass Effect 3 Shepherd Indoctrination, or something. This does give some compelling arguments on what it all means, but nothing is certain of course.

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@kamiboy said:
Oh no, this can't be. I read that article on Gamasutra those 2 weeks ago and it was quite enthralling. Got me really excited and if it really is you who wrote it - I am filled with doubt towards anything these days - then I must say this: Thank you for sharing it with us. 
For the rest, really loving what I am reading here. You all have such splendid answers to give. A shout-out to Mr. Gamer_152 for mentioning the concept of flow, which I find very intruiging. Please keep the opinions coming, I want more variation! More colour!
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@Khann said:
I think you need to define immersion in the context of a video game. Are being engaged and being immersed the same things?
Did you read the OP? The question is, what does immersion mean to YOU in the context of a videogame.
Well, I was going to answer with something similar, but my computer felt that it was naptime instead. Anyway... yes, I am actively leaving the questions open for interpretation on the readers part. Immersion is can be so many things for different people and I feel I will soil their opinions by leaving any specifics on this matter. 
I do value you ALOT though, so I am pleading you to give me answers! Please! It's for science!
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So, about two weeks ago I made a mistake and now I am heavily engrossed in researching all about immersion in games. Some very interesting opinions sparks from this topic and many do go with some extreme answers on how "real" immersion should be done. 
So, in a nutshell, I am asking this lovely community some simple questions. What is immersion for you? What is the driving force, the mechanics and aesthetics/concepts, that make a game immersive? You may or may not really think abut immersion as something of value in games, but that is an opinion/argument I also want to hear. Why is immersion overrated/underrated? 
As a last question that may be the most important one: What breaks the immersion for you? What is usually the irritating thing that just destroys your suspension of disbelief? 
All this has probably been debated endlessly on all kinds of boards, forums and threads. But see this as my personal little therapy session. 

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@Commando: Hahaha, yes. I'm quite prone to heretical behaviour.
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Oh, what a crowd! Thank you all for welcoming me and advicing me on things. Axxol, don't you worry, it is a one-time exclusive sign of my rite of passage. 
I also have found my new shameless addiction with the quest system. I am a proud achievement-hunter and can never restrain myself at trying my best of getting them all. As long as I keep my head on my shoulders and a straight back I will probably come out of this unscathed. 
... Hardcore Dave also seems to be a very serious fellow, I will keep a look-out for his merciless grasp.

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Well, it seems like all is at it should be then. Good samaritans warning the newcomers of the dangers ahead, others who sit idly by the side slightly frowning on this weird and strange entity who enters his domain. 
May the maws of hell open, for I am to blinded by sheer ignorance of said dangers to even care. 
May we all have a truly wonderful time on our adventure ahead.

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Maybe not even blog-worthy-esque but I feel the rush, no the duty, to write it just to say: Thank you. Been a horrible person (non-member) for too long now. This site is one of the best with its content and overall style and humor, a risky claim to throw out on the vast internet. 
Well, anyway, I am now tangled deep into this mess and want you all to know that I will drag you all down with me. 
Babel Tower.