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@bocam: I feel we might have very different definitions of "train wreck." My definition of a train wreck is something along the lines of Tokko.

And I completely disagree about R2 being bad. It was FaBuLoUs.

I will second the fuck outta that.


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Yurikumaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Arashi 4 -


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Hmmmmmm, so Gunbuster was really good. Like...really really good. I had high expectations going in and it still managed to surprise me. Diebuster, on the other hand? eeeeeeeh, not so much. I just wrapped up episode 4 and I have 2 more eps to go and I kinda sorta don't really care about finishing it. it just sorta completely lacks the same amount or, hell, even a fraction of the charm and/or emotion, for lack of a better word, that was present in Gunbuster. Shit just happens and I'm like, "oh, okay."

Also, Nono (or anything else in that series for that matter) just isn't as cool the fucking Gunbuster itself. No.

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Diversity is important to me than for no other reason that to break up the monotony. That's it. I like variety. I couldn't give a fuck about feeling "included" or "represented" or any of that shit.

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Ain't there like 27 Hyperdimension Neptunia games coming out this year too? I've completely lost track of what's going on with that series with all the main games and spinoffs and shit...

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@gnosislord: It's faithful to the manga in just about every aspect I can think of. Sadly, that extends to the character development (establishment?), or lack thereof, of the characters early on.

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Soooooooo I've been in a sorta pre-2000 sci-fii, space, and mecha mood as of late. Dabbled in a bunch of good stuff (Galaxy Express, Battleship Yamato, Gunbuster, etc), but for some reason I decided to just watch 08th MS Team again. Anywho, I'm just sitting there watching and then I noticed in one scene, as they're going through the launch checks for their super secret evil weapon, that apparently someone just listed their PC specs alongside a bunch of random PC terms. I dunno, it's not really that funny, but for some reason i got a good chuckle out of it...

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ISUCA 01 ~

Girl fights demons stuff saves guy with hidden magical OP powers clothes ripping off, trips and kisses accidentally unlocking his power wins battle. hmm where have i seen all this before.

Nowhere because it's literally the most original anime that's ever been made. Literally.


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I totally forgot this game was coming to consoles and I honestly that at this rate, H1Z1, despite just hitting early access, will be out long before DayZ.