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I got food poisoning a year or two ago. Ate on Christmas Eve. Spent all of Christmas Day throwing up my internal organs, crying, and wishing someone and/or something would kill me. So...that was fun.

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Well, shit, you already own GunValkyrie and Voodoo Vince (two of my favorite OG Xbox games) so as far as I'm concerned, that's like asking "what car should buy?" while already owning a garage full of Ferrari's lol.

Hmmm, the only other thing I would suggest is Steel Battalion. That thing still wows people to this very day.

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Maaaaaaaaan, now I'm super bummed. My little nephew got a XB1 for Christmas and I know he was probably flipping around the house with excitement. Well, he just called me and I guess apparently the first time you turn on the system you need to connect to the internet? Either way, he's getting some error message about XBL or something and he sounded heartbreakingly disappointed on the phone and now I'm sad for him.

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Yeah, after they started showing gameplay and whatnot, I wasn't as hyped as I was when I imagined what it would be when they first announced it, but as long as it's a decent game at the very least, I think I would give it a go.

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Meh, I would be fine either way. I just wanna see Drew play Revengeance. Metal Gear is dumb, but Revengeance is fucking duuuuuuuuuumb. Raiden literally throws a goddamn Metal Gear RAY down the street in the first 5 minutes of that game. Drew's reactions would be great, but I really wanna see him play it mostly because it doesn't seem like something he would normally play.

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@me3639 said:

Forums, gamesites, reviewers in general. Everyone either negative, or trying to push their laughable agendas. Its been a great year all around as always, if you like games.

This guy knows whats up.

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Gamecube 2 EX

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@azrailx: Well, I saw the entire thing subbed and have only seen parts of it dubbed afterward so take this for what you will, but I think the sub is the superior version. I mean, the dubbed version seems like a perfectly fine version to watch, but I'd personally take the sub any day of the week.

On a completely different note, ONLY 2 MORE WEEKS

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You would have to chop off my hands and poke out my eyes before I would even begin to consider not playing it at launch. I'm not gonna sit here and hold up Halo 4 as some revolutionary masterpiece in video games, but I loved everything about that game and I'm dying to see where they take the story.

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After that second trailer, Mad Max is absolutely my most anticipated movie of next year. Ultron and Star Wars are tied for second.