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Started Gundam Unicorn. Really good first episode. That's it. I have nothing more to contribute.

Onto episode 2!

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@aegon: I didn't know that either until I started reading the manga lol

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  • Koe no Katachi
  • xxxHolic
  • Battle Angel Alita & Last Order
  • Medaka Box
  • Bradherly's Coach
  • Until Death Do Us Part
  • Claymore
  • Beck
  • Usagi Drop - the second half isn't bad at all and would make total fucking sense if people just payed attention to literally anything that was going on
  • Veritas - then after you're done reading, you can cry yourself to sleep knowing there will never be a part 2
  • Prison School
  • Nickelodeon
  • Voynich Hotel
  • ...and quite a few others I know I'm forgetting but would totally add if I remembered.
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Neither. Though, depending on the scores that Alien gets, I may be more inclined to pick up a copy somewhere on down the road.

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@billymaysrip said:

The characters and story of this show are pretty lame, in general. It's sooo fucking generic, I can't handle it. The only reason why I would watch the next episode was because I was interested in how Tatsuya was going to be cool again. And guess what, Tatsuya was cool in every, single, episode.

yup, the only reason i watch is for Tatsuya, the rest is pretty not great. It's a real guilty pleasure though, i really like watching every week.

Double yup. I will readily admit this show does waaaaaay more wrong than it does right, but goddamn...the absolute absurdity that is everything about Tatsuya makes it all worth it for me.

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November Man - Don't worry, I didn't know this movie existed either. Not much to say. Subpar, throwaway summer action thriller conspiracy movie thing. Near the end, you'll probably just start laughing at fucking dumb shit gets. Not like dumb in the "so bad it's good" sorta way, but dumb in the "aw, how cute, it thinks it's a real movie" dumb.

1/5. Bring a group of friends, preferably drunk and/or just looking to kill some time. Get mad at the fact the best looking chick in the movie is the only one who doesn't get naked. "Enjoy" this completely forgettable ride.

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Mahouka - Tatsuya had some sort of "limiter" on this entire time?...

Jesus-fucking-Christ. I love this show.

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I love hearing the reasons people come up with to dismiss any sort of criticism of something they enjoy. It's perfectly fine you don't agree with the reviews, but to try and paint them as objectively invalid using what is ultimately subjective reasoning is...well...c'mon.

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You know a lot of this destruction and chaos would stop if they didn't have a $$60,000,000,000.00 bounty on his head.

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As much as some people on these forums piss me off sometimes, I also think it's important that this doesn't actually become a feature. Personally, it feels like nine times out of ten, the people I probably would have blocked because of my many asinine, kneejerk reactions also say stuff that makes me go, "I'm really glad I can't hide this person's posts because then I would've probably missed out on this smart/funny/[insert adjective here] post." Also, something something something discussion 'n shit, yo