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@sergio said:

@babychoochoo: Great series. They came out with some nice figures for it.

Oh god. I definitely need to buy that first one. She seems like such a good character to be turned into a figure. Even when she's not in one of her over-the-top elaborate poses, her outfit is just so Fabulous Max!

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It's a nod to a thing that's been around for years so I think it's perfectly fine. If it had never existed and they pulled it out of thin air, then I feel like it's be pretty sketchy. There will no doubt be a few angry tweets and tumblr blogs and whatnot, but it's Nintendo. I feel like in comparison to just about any other company, they tend to get off easy when it comes to this sort of thing...

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Soooo, I burned through Penguindrum. What a incredible goddamn show. It's definitely weird, but it's weird in this deceptively beautiful, intelligent, unique way. It's also one of the best looking shows I've seen in a long time both in terms of quality and style. I'm not sure if it's the result of a big budget or them just knowing where to cut corners, but, in terms of it's visuals, it's definitely one of those shows that's going to continue to stand out and age well for the foreseeable future. A solid 5/5 from me. Considering I just finished it and I need time to dwell on it, I don't know if I'd call it one of my all-time favorite shows just yet, but it definitely ranks pretty freakin high in my book.

I will say with complete conviction though that it does now have one of my favorite scenes of all times:

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I feel like I've answered this question countless times on this forum and my answer is usually FF13 or GW2. FF13 was...well..FF13. It was shit. Everything from insufferable characters to boring ass gameplay to a nonsensical story.

I was into GW2 for like a few weeks. Maybe a month tops. The more I played, the more it became clear that it was ultimately "just another MMO" in almost every way that matters and despite it having no subscription, the cash shop was, in a bad way, anchored to every part of the game they could possibly attach it too.

Oh yeah, think I'll add Borderlands 2 to this list. Managed to find some enjoyment in Borderlands 1 after the abysmal first few hours. Borderlands 2 looked to be a huge improvement so I was definitely looking forward to playing it. Then...I played it. Forget the gameplay. Starts off slow like the first. Picks up a bit. Clearly not balanced for single-player. Etc etc it's whatever. What bothered me more is that this has to be one of the most unfunny games I've ever played. Holy fuck. Half the jokes are practically just the same shit recycled from the first game. Dumb rednecks. Insane bandits. Claptrap being Claptrap. Moxxi is a slut (we get it already, guys. She's slept with everyone in the game. SHUT THE FUCK UP). But, dear sweet baby jesus, worst of 'em all has to be Handsome Jack. Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh

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I dunno, probably PS4. Might even get it on both eventually because fuck it.

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Naru has to be my favorite character this season.

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it's definitely got lot of style dat transformation sequence.

I'm on episode 8 and absolutely loving the series so far, but that particular bit is always the highlight for me. It's just too damn good.

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Finally got around to starting Penguindrum. Someone told me it was a weird ass show. Yup.

They were so right.

edit: It's also really effing pretty.

edit 2: oh and the OP and ED are great too.