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Persona 5. I'm excited for Bloodborne and X, but not on the same level so many other people seem to be. My hopes for FFXV is that it's better the XIII saga so I can't really say those hopes are "high."

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I think I'd have to go with coffee. If I could, that's literally all I would drink (well, that and root beer). I'd probably die super early, but it'd probably be worth it.

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I think you mean "the right way to play video games."

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My dad didn't give a shit, but my mom was like super-ultra-"holier than thou"-mega-Christain so the slightest little thing, regardless of whether or not it was in a video game, would set her off. It was all talk though. She would walk by room, see me shootin some dude in the face, fighting the devil, or watching a cutscene with an impossibly proportioned woman and go on some long asinine tirade and then walk away.

So yeah, I wasn't restricted when it came to games (or anything else for that matter). Annoyed, yes. But not restricted.

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@ottorostock said:

I love anime but I hate the childish and naive themes in them.

But dude. The power of friendship can overcome anything!

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Glad to see Marvel has a sense of humor about the leak haha

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Everything about this seems amazing. Also, who the fuck is Andy Serkis supposed to be? Or rather, what are the current theories if there are any?

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Chaika - Akari gives the best inspirational speeches...

Also, red Chaika and a fucking random ass kraken in one episode? Christmas came early this year.

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Depends on the game obviously, but in most cases, it's an absolute yes for me. Story can and often helps add a sense of purpose. I'm working my way through Drakengard 3 right now and I'm like half having fun and half completely miserable because, so far, the story is practically non-existent. I'm not sure why I should care about anyone or anything in that world and it feels like I'm just cutting down people for the hell of it.

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I can't tell if Parasyte's soundtrack is the most amazing or the most schizophrenic thing ever. You got rock, dubstep, orchestral, choirs, electronic, pop, and southern hiphop-ish/trap music. And the crazy thing is it works in this really weird way where it totally shouldn't.