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@aegon: Oh yeah, I think we can (and should) all agree with that. I actually laughed out loud when even Sasuke was all like "there's no reason for you to be in love with me" or whatever he said. It's too fucking true. Kishi could have done anything else with her character like make her grow up and realize it was just a crush but she still considers him a friend like Naruto or have her fall in love with Naruto (especially after all the shit he's done for her) or literally any-fucking-one else who has been there for her over the years, but noooope. For some reason she still loves Sasuke and literally no one in the entire fucking manga understands why.

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I know Naruto is limping, but I continue to read the series anyway... I don't even know why.

But anyway, did anyone read the most recent chapter?

Sasuke just fucking decide to betray them again is retarded, right? I mean, it just came out of nowhere and feels completely forced.

Yeah, I read it. Hmmmm...

Not really. I mean, well sure, it was a bit surprising simply because the sequence of events sorta made readers (and characters too I guess) drop their guards, but he never really said he agreed with the path Naruto was taking. He has his reasons (which make sense) for doing what he's doing and, unfortunately, those exact same ideals cause him to clash with Naruto once again. I won't sit here and pretend that the writing expertly built up to all this, but I certainly don't think it came out of nowhere. Brought back after being set aside, maybe. But not pulled out of thin air. That's just me though.

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Yeah, that checkpoint system is a fucking godsend. I was literally about to turn my system off because I didn't feel like going through an entire level all over again (especially while I'm practically dying in real life thanks to the worst cold ever) then the menu popped up and I'm all like "restart from checkpoint? the fuck? i hope this shit doesn't put me all the wa- OH MY GOD THANK THE BABY JESUS IT CHECKPOINTED ME RIGHT HERE."

I came for the Dynasty Warriors side of it since I'm not a huge fan of Zelda outside of Wind Waker and Minish Cap and, since it's a really really good Dynasty Warriors game, I can safely report than I am also happy with my purchase. I mean, NIntendo could've hooked a brotha up with a playable Medli or a King of Red Lions cameo or fuckin somethin, but still, I'm happy.

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Mahouka - "I just caused this bigass crater on the center of the earth"...ROLL FUCKING END OF SERIES CREDITS. Fucking 10/10 let our lord and savior Tatsuya wash over you.

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Reviews have dropped and turns out we got another hit on our hands, gents.

Fuck, I wish I had more money.

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I could rattle off a billion and a half manga series worth reading, but at the moment, I have to recommend Koe no Katachi. Long story short, the story revolves around a deaf girl, but it takes place from the perspective of a male classmate and it's about the the effect they have on each other lives. It's a fucking emotional rollercoaster if I've ever seen one and one of the best manga I've read in years.

Another series I feel compelled to recommend is Bradherley's Coach. Won't say much out of fear of spoiling it, but it's a real short series. Only 8 chapters so you could finish it in an afternoon if you wanted to. Check it out.

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Re-finished Big O. Still a good mecha series. Probably wouldn't ever call it the best, but it's still certainly worth a watch I'd say. Some of the animation is straight up ass though. I mean gets bad. It's never for more than a few seconds so it's not the worst thing in the world, but when you notice, you fucking notice so hard. Overall, really happy I decided to watch it again.

Moving right along, if you're not reading Koe no Katachi, you should be you heathens. That is all.

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Once in a blue moon. I'm a super fucking introvert down to me very core so once I go to a party, I need about a good year to recharge

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Seeing as how they opted to go with the original ass version of MGS 1, I feel like they should continue the trend and go with the original ass versions of MGS 2 and 3. Maybe the Substance and Subsistance versions or whatever they're called.