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When I first heard about this, I assumed it was a Retron competitor for some reason. That I could get behind. Upon further investigation (i.e. reading anything past the headline). I'm kinda disappointed if I'm being honest. At it's core, I think it's a very cool idea in concept, but the whole thing seems to be fast approaching Ouya levels of vastly overestimating what consumers want and therefore over-promising on what you'll be able to deliver.

I'm curious to see how it all turns out, but optimistic is not a word I would use to describe how I feel right now.

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Ya know, I take back what I said. Them sand snake bitches is alright. And it's not because of the boobs.

Nah, I'm kidding, it's all about the boobs.

I hope this Sansa storyline goes anywhere. She has essentially been a captive the entire show and 99% of the time she's on screen, she's either crying or looks like she's about to cry. I'm tired of seeing her stupid face.

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Tie between Persona and Halo. In terms of rpgs, The Persona series is forever in a league of it's own. As for Halo, I've said it before and I'll say it again a thousand more times, I love what 343 started with Halo 4. I'm dying to see where the story goes because already shit seems all sorts of crazy and I feel like we still barely know anything about the game.

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When playing MMOs or other online games, I take breaks all the time. I tend to binge-play single player games though. Not sure why, but meh.

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I think it says a lot about the hardcore video game audience that people look at this game and be disappointed in what they see. On one hand, I get "it." That original footage did look better and people wanna push their hardware and blahblah-fucking-blah. On the other hand...look at the game. If this isn't good enough, I weep for the future of AAA development because they have some impossible expectations to meet.

Regardless, I feel the most important thing to take away from this is we either get what we got or get a much smaller game. Call me crazy, but I'll fucking take the Witcher 3 as is any goddamn day of the week.

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Do either of them need Japan? Absolutely not, especially not the Xbox since they never really ever gained any significant traction there to begin with. There would probably be a noticeable dip in Sony's game division revenue, but I can't imagine it'd be anything that'd put them in even the slightest bit of jeopardy.

Honestly, I feel like the real question is what happens to a lot of Japanese developers if consoles up and disappear? I would assume most would be fine with PC and mobile, but it would probably come at the cost of some serious downsizing.

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Witcher...I guess? It does pretty much everything better than Inquisition, but I don't think Inquisition was even a remotely bad game. In fact, it was my second favorite game to come out last year.

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Hmmmm, Jake Gyllenhaal would probably be my first choice. His ability to become each character he plays simply uncanny. Chris Evans would probably be my number 2. He's definitely proven himself capable these past few years. Seems like he naturally has that same sort of swagger Geralt has.

Wild card pick would be Ryan Reynolds. I like him, but meeeh, I can't think of anything he's been that I would label great. Mind you, been in a lot of movies I enjoyed, but just nothing that blew my mind. I've heard a ton of good things about Buried, but I have yet to see it for myself. Regardless, I feel like he has the potential to fulfill the role, but it'd be one of those things I'd be cautiously optimistic about.

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Darkstalkers 4. I, jokingly, still bring it up from time to time, but I threw in the towel long ago. Not only does a large portion of the fgc and, therefore, Capcom just not give a fuck about the series (cam't really blame either party if I'm being honest...), there's also surprising amount of people who seem opposed to it's return for some reason.

FF7 Remake. After that Sony event at the end of last year. I cannot fathom the idea that Square Enix really gives a fuck about ever remaking it.

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I Wanna Be the [Dungeon] Guy 08 - Oh, fuck. That was like...legitimately pretty fuckin epic.

Also, crazy goddess bitch just cummin all over the place

@mezmero said:

You guys, Gintama is incredible.

No. fucking. way. That's too fucking funny. Ok, yeah, I definitely need to get back into Gintama again. At some point I just lost track of it for whatever reason, but that gif alone makes me wanna get back to it asap.