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I think this video pretty much speaks for itself.

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These are always good.

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One of life's great mysteries finally explained.

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Damn thoes rival guys look good.

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Brad's mustache ate my soul!

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You beat me to the punch. I was going to post this exact picture.

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I drink your milkshake! I DRINK IT UP!

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This is the best idea.

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War has begun:

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This is an awesomely dumb idea

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Rivalvideogamewebsite.com has nothing on gamebomb.ru!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I still didn't quite understand the reasoning behind it, anybody fill me in in simple terms? But hey, this was pretty epic!

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War has begun:

Oh... Snap...

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hah, that was a fun happy hour to watch!

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And it was then that Bushwald Sexyface shed a single tear.

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Why is this series not named Robinsons Reticule?

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Does Vinny work the fuck out or is he just one of those guys who has massive arms just cos?

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Awesome. Great video and I love the site too. Maybe not an organic as BatmanBatmanBatman but hilarious.

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So that's why!

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Vinny's biceps need a mustache each.

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Brad needs to grow out an actual caterpillar moustache. He could pull it off.

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This video was goddamn awesome. A nice look into the blurry world of Whiskey Media. Much like the internet, it all goes by so fast. Enjoy.

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Many Much Moustache

EDIT: I just realised what would have made that video perfect. The guys wandering around aimlessly doing analogue salutes.

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Vinny would look perfect with that stache, no shirt, dukes up, old timey style.

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Jeff should always rock the Fu Manchu.

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That's pretty awesome. 

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The greatest thing to happen on the happy hour so far was this, and the fact that they just ran with it.

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I love you GiantBomb, and your mustaches.

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Who are these rivals and what do they want!!

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Vinny's biceps need a mustache each.

pumping iron like a mofo.

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Oh the things we do for fame and fortune. Great video Nick.

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That intro is so fucking annoying, I had to skip it.

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The League of Extraordinary Racial Mustaches!

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So that's where your curly moustaches are.

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Good luck, have moustache.

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So that's where your curly moustaches are.


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Good luck, have moustache.

GLHM, duders!