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@Sooty: You're expecting there won't be a revision on the 3DS by 2014? You're more optimistic than me.

Like what! Dual sticks or a 3DS Lite? The XL looks perfect to me but who knows...I really like that they changed the front plate of the screen to matte, the glossy black drove me nuts on my first 3DS.

Sorry but I have to bump this because Nintendo did exactly what @razielcuts said would happen did happen, hahah.

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It is unclear what a “truckload of money” means,

i am going to go out on a limb here and say it probably means "a lot of money"

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Did an MP3 of this ever pop up? I'd love one.

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I don't like the white men in this comment section and their

This post needs to be on page 20. And also every page. And also every website.

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At least Patrick didn't quote himself this time. Still, this progressive, Kotaku-esque clickbait shit needs to stop, It's a horrible statue made in bad taste, nothing to cry about.

The fact that you just used the word 'progressive' as a pejorative is FUCKING TERRIFYING to me. Kill all nerds.

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Oh, awesome! I like the Rev3 crew. I actually watched all the archived footage of their 24 hour extra life stream. Former Whiskey Media intern and Anime Vice contributor, , is at Rev3 these days, too.

You should give them another look. Their coverage may not be super deep, but their games line up is pretty good these days between Anthony Carboni, Max Scoville, and now Sessler.

Correct! I actually sit like six feet from Adam, hahah. We're all super pumped that he's here now!

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Dude. Dude dude dude dude dude. Over the past 18 months, Shinichi has grown into my favorite musician of all time, no exaggeration. Like, during my stint intern at GB, I listened to SO2 at my desk literally every single day. You have good taste.

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Let's, uh... let's go ahead and bring this thread back. So much good stuff here.

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Internal Affairs 2?

We're working on this, sorta.

By "sorta," Ben means "not at all." But we do have a ton of weird stuff in the works for that channel, and it's super cool that y'all seem to care!