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Kind of horrified by the number of people in these comments saying that the Ivy ad is somehow inoffensive "because it works."

Apparently no advertiser ever can be faulted for being creepy, as long as the ad's effective! Neat!

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Happy New Year, everyone!

To kick off 2012 proper, I got you guys a little something: another dumb Bombcast video in the same vein as "NEVER." and "STRAP IT ON." It's called "SORRY.", and if you've listened attentively to the Bombcast over the past few months, you probably already know what it's in reference to.

This is pretty exciting for me, as its my first remote upload to Giant Bomb's YouTube channel. If you guys dig it, who knows, maybe we'll see more of these in the future! I've got a pretty modest list of classic Bombcast moments goin', but if anyone's got suggestions, I'll be happy to take 'em. Thanks, everyone!

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Dude, this is totally awesome. Stickied!

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@CottonWolf said:

@MikeFightNight: How much localising does Persona really need? They already have essentially the entire game sitting there localised, I doubt they're adding that much new content.

You're forgetting about voicework, duder!

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To me, this just feels like a throwaway joke they did for the VGAs, but who knows!

@HellBrendy said:

A prisoner jokes about this in the game you know. "Arkahm Asylum, Arkham City - what's next? Arkahm World?". Or something like that.

Oh yeah! Further evidence that they were probably just goofin' re: the title. Either way, yeah, of course this game's coming eventually! I just don't see them calling it Arkham World.

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As a Trackmania 1 die-hard who has not yet played Trackmania 2 but is totally out of school for winter break as of tomorrow: I AM SO DOWN WITH THIS. I'll buy a copy as soon as I'm home for the holidays, so hopefully I'll see you fuckers on Wednesday night! Wooooooo!

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@OneKillWonder said:

This being single-player content actually developed by Gearbox has me infinitely more interested in this than I otherwise would be.

That's actually a pretty good point. I wonder how this is gonna turn out?

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Anyone care to share some of their weapon names?

Ill start, Legendary Daedric Sword with frost and fire enchantments... A Sword of Ice and Fire

P.S. - If you think I made this topic because I'm very proud of my mild'd be correct. But I am curious to see what everyone else has come up with.

Bad news: 2003-era Magic: The Gathering beat you to this one!

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I struggled to answer a few of these, because I find the word "gamer" totally gross. I would never use the word "gamer" to describe myself (or anyone else, for that matter), but the survey precludes that possiblility by asking questions like "I am sometimes embarrassed to call myself a gamer around non-gamers" and "I spend a great deal of time discussing games with other gamers." Like, I would never call myself that, nor do I tend to associate with people who self-identify as 'gamers,' so how do I answer?

To me, video games are a hobby, not a lifestyle. Like, there's no commonly used word for people who are way into movies or books! Why does there need to be one for video game enthusiasts?

At any rate, I answered all the questions. I hope this is helpful for your class!

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@Baal_Sagoth: Nope! Sorry! Thaaaat's dumb.

I don't take issue with the fact that enemies use the same leveling system your character does. Like, I obviously don't! I think it's great, actually! What I take issue with the fact that their level information is kept utterly and inexplicably opaque, so your sole option (other than "estimating based on their armor and spells and weapons", which I suppose is a realistic option if you are a Literal Crazy Person) is to go into a menu, try a spell, get an uneventful text pop-up that says "Monster resisted spell," go back into a menu, unfavorite that spell forever, and USE SPELLS THAT ACTUALLY WORK 100% OF THE TIME. Because fuck all that goofiness!

I love Skyrim, but there are so many things about it that feel straight-up underconsidered and un-modern, and it's stunning to me that people will defend those things! I suppose next you're going to tell me that Bethesda's somehow doing me a favor by making it so I can only do two things while on a horse (sprint and jump), and if I try to sprint while jumping, it doesn't work?