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The Other Guys. The first half of the movie was great, but the second half was too light on the comedy and relied too heavily upon earlier jokes. Just got a little repetitive in the end.

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Halo 3, baby! I was so excited.

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Europe because I've never been and every country has such a rich history and culture.

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Here's mine:
I'm an aspiring writer, comedian and monogamist.  I might be Mitch Hedburg's reincarnate.  I write funny things.

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I came for the tits and then I came on the tits.

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@Bellum: I care about my character insofar as he is progressing the storyline, but do I really care about his looks, his personality, etc?  Not really.  I feel like this is kind of what you were referring to in your earlier posts.  Personally, I was looking for some outside kind of storytelling narrative that would progress a comprehensive story and thus far, I haven't really gotten that.  I find myself detached from other characters, as well as my own, and I find myself wishing that I can just get to the action so that the game can end.  Maybe I just have a problem with the story, itself, as it doesn't really seem all that engaging to me, but I definitely have a problem getting into the fiction of Oblivion.
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@Bellum: Did you really have an emotional attachment to your created character?  I mean, when a character doesn't have a voice and really isn't shown in any cut-scenes or anything, it's tough for me to be emotionally attached to him.  Especially when he's in some far-away land that has lizard-people in it that I can't really relate to.  The reason I started playing this game was to get attached to an epic storyline and have some good old action-RPG fun.
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@Bellum: I'm playing to get a complete sense of the game, to try and tackle each guild and questline, as I believe the developers intended.  I understand that many of these so-called "sidequests" are absolutely skippable, but I want to try and complete the entire game as it was intended to be completed.  Is that really too much to expect?  Maybe finishing the Mage's Guild first was a poor idea, as I now find my character to be almost unstoppable what with the crazy high level spells and weapons that I have.
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@Sir_Ragnarok: Hahah, yeah, if I remember correctly it took me about 4 or 5 hours to fix. Getting sun damage annoyed me so much early on that I just couldn't deal with it. It was definitely a turn-off.
Although I should mention that I am still overall enjoying the game. The immense size of the overworld and huge scope of some of the quests hasn't put me off entirely. I just wish that it was a bit shorter and a tad more linear.
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@Adamantium: Sure, it was great for a while. From the beginning of the game, I vowed to try and complete every quest that I came upon exactly in that order.  That seemed to be quite the mistake.  Countless times I would find myself waiting hours for events to happen, or different parts of the story to open up. (I was also turned into a vampire really early on in the game [around level 3 or so and spent a good amount of time trying to fix that]).  
As far as I am right now, (finished the Mage's Guild questline and the Arena, almost finished with the Fighter's Guild and Dark Brotherhood and haven't really touched the Thieves Guild or Main Questline), I find myself hoping that the game will end quicker so that I can move onto other games.
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