Games That Need to be Turned into Broadway Musicals

There isn't really much of a demand for musicals now adays and I think the the reason is that they are based on boring things, like AIDS! You know what are not boring, videogames so they should all be musicals especially these one's.

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Posted by JJWeatherman

lol. I am now imagining a helicopter rapping, and it's not bad.   :P

Posted by MattyFTM

This list needs some RapeLay!!!!!! "Rapelay: The Musical" would be epic.

Posted by BackpackKat
@MattyFTM said:
"This list needs some RapeLay!!!!!! "Rapelay: The Musical" would be epic. "

It is done
Posted by Dalai

I can see Brutal Legend being on Broadway. Jack Black is practically a walking musical.

Posted by Yit

What about Katamari?

Posted by AhmadMetallic

lol @ #7

Posted by buzz_clik

Numero uno on this list is an excellent choice, partly because it's a crazy notion and partly because I could actually see it working.

Posted by MormonWarrior

My friend and I always had the idea of penning "Metroid: The Musical." It features endless monologue and fantastic set pieces. Tell me you wouldn't pay to see that.

Posted by ectoplasma

Loving numbre 7, too ;).

Posted by FireSketch

This list is incredible. Thank you for this.

Posted by FlamingHobo

Incredible list.

Posted by maimran91

Add some dose of Weird Al and BOOM! A video game polka musical!

Posted by Schlorgan

I think Mass Effect would be a pretty good addition to this list ;-)

Posted by Brackynews

Funky Student already has a cameo in Tommy. ;)

Posted by lozartist

I support all of these choices.