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@linkforever1: I have a full ride scholarship that will only last the 4 years after I graduated high school so I kinda had to pick something and go for it. I had been thinking about it for a couple years already and so far I'm enjoying it, but that's only a year in so you never know.. Hopefully I will still be enjoying it by year 4.

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Nice job duder! I'm going into my second year at WVU for CS in about 2 weeks. So far not much programming stuff but I did learn basic java last semester. I can't wait to get into more in-depth stuff. I'm hoping to end up in a game development career, but regular old software development wouldn't be too bad either.

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@drew327: The way I understood it, Human Element comes out in 2015 and an Ouya-exclusive prequel to Human Element will come sooner.

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I have no idea man. Honey bbq wings are about as far as I'll go and those aren't even really that spicy. Anything past that and there is no taste, just pure pain. I'm pretty sure a blazin buffalo wing from BW3's would literally kill me. I guess most people taste something there but there is no difference to me between straight up peppers and really spicy foods, it just hurts.

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How did this thread make it this far without Phish?! I just picked the first song on youtube, but literally any of their songs are great to listen to.

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Also, hold both of the controllers in your hand and see witch feels better. I honestly can't stand ps3 controllers, but the 360 controllers are amazingly comfortable for me. Others prefer ps3 controllers though.

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@AyKay_47 said:

As a hardcore gamer, I feel I am qualified to answer this question.

The answer is yes.

I play FIFA with my brother. He is also a hardcore gamer. He also plays it online occasionally. I do not.


That hardcore at the end really made all the difference in telling weather or not you were being sarcastic about the whole hardcore thing. I thought you were serious up till that point.

Anyways, I might as well give some input. I consider myself quite an avid gamer but I play NHL at least 2-3 times a week with friends and/or my dad, and I save stuff like Bastion and Arkham City for when I'm alone.

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I personally enjoy marijuana. I've never done any other drugs though except alcohol. I only drink once or twice a month, which I'd say is pretty low for a college student, but I don't really enjoy the way it makes me feel. I don't understand tobacco, I've smoked it a couple times and it doesn't do anything except taste bad. Still though, I think everyone should be free to do whatever they damn well please as long as it isn't hurting others.

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As others have already stated and as one of the staff members has stated (maybe dave on the radio show?) it is a limitation of the system. They must have something in there all the time. So, unless they find a work around, once we get to e3 it will be replaced by something else a few months in the future.

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Hooray! I'm now good through March 16, 2013.