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PSN: Sleyland84

Game is excellent with a team that works together.

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First mention of Gamestop is misspelled as Gamespot.

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I used to be an up and over, or a through the fly guy.

But since I entered my late 20s I have become exclusively a sit-down pee person. Because why not. Why shouldn't I sit down? What better time is there to take five, rest my legs, check my emails and relax, than when I also need to relieve my bladder?

It's been a beautiful new chapter in my life and I heartily recommend it.

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I'd probably go to a UK meet up.

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Things will change slowly. They will eventually "replace" Ryan, although only in productivity terms - personality wise he is irreplaceable.

But things will change, the new order will slot into place and with our help, Giant bomb will keep going, and Ryan will never really leave it.

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A depressing thought came to me regarding the ending.

It seems to me that even after Elizabeth drowned Booker, that just creates a separate universe in which Booker is drowned and Comstock never exists. But the universe where Comstock rises up out of the water from a baptised Booker still exists somewhere.

So ultimately, these human beings are driven by their desires, wishes, and what they feel to be the right decisions. But in the face of mind bending metaphysical science, every attempt to make meaningful change is just impotent screaming into a void.

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i think calling this guy a liar is justified when he describes "solid AI" and good graphics.

Because they're lies.

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Get well soon

But, uh. I ain't clicking any of that.