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A twisted and beautiful world hamstrung by clunky defense. 0

Zeno Clash is...weird. Weird in a good way, a great way, a wonderful way. The look, the feel, the places you go and see, the characters you encounter are truly the highlight of this game. The combat however was less enjoyable than it should have been.The game is simple. You play as Ghat, you killed your Father-Mother, and as a result your brothers and sisters are chasing after you. Also you have a nice looking and determined lady friend, Deadra, running with you. Simple right? Actually I still m...

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A (near) masterpiece of puzzle synesthesia 0

Droptliz can be best described as the love child of pipe dream and Pachinko. Depending on the board chosen, a grid of circles encasing pipes are laid out below these droppers. Like their namesake little...droplets travel down the pipes into the bottom. The goal of the game is simply to spin the grid of pipes to create connections between the droppers and the catchers at the bottom. Lastly the droplets split into two once they reach a forked part of their path and the droplets only travel downwar...

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I just had to know, and I actually liked it. 0

Mafia II is a game that seems to be very divisive for good reason. It puts together a lot of basic elements at the core of a mobster tale that admittedly isn't terribly unique. Upon release the game got a middling review from this site and a wide variety of interpretations from other reviewers and forum posters. Knowing that people considered the original Mafia a classic on PC, I just had to know for myself if this game was worth a damn knowing full well it might turn out to be no good. In light...

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Drags near the beginning but gets better and better by the end. 0

F.E.A.R. 2: Project is the follow-up to the amazingly satisfying horror-shooter F.E.A.R.  Having enjoyed that game for its combat and tone, I was excited to see what would come of the sequel after Monolith regained the rights to the license name.  Needless to say there were high hopes they would deliver on the rare breed of horror-themed first-person shooter revived by the original game.  Luckily they managed to pull it off fairly well in this action-packed no frills sequel.    I always l...

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Come for the soundtrack, stay for the everything else. 0

Let's not dance around the obvious. Shatter is part of the Arkanoid/ Breakout family tree. However I must say it is the best and most modernized Arkanoid-esque game I've ever played.What sets this game apart? Well it's the fact that you can suck and blow (I'll explain). Your paddle you play as can shoot out a ball to break up bricks but can also suck and blow air to manipulate the trajectory of the ball. However blocks are often loosely floating around and the sucking and blowing mechanic does w...

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Everything surrounding the character is amazing. 0

Art design is impeccable.I heard good things about this game many years ago from the IGF and other word of mouth methods but if a game is worth playing, it usually has to come to me which it did when during one of Steam's infamous sales. I'm glad I did buy it because And Yet It Moves is a surprisingly creative and well executed platformer that I would recommend playing or at the very least trying out.Let's start off with the good stuff. The game's basic mechanic is that you are a paper man in a ...

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A pleasant change-up to the Battlefield formula. 0

As an industry and genre standard, Battefield is pretty up there for open map class based multiplayer first person shooters.  Years ago a free game came out that decided to take that type of game and mix it with Wolfenstein.  The sequel to Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is of course Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.  The expected standard is here in the form of basic structure.  You pick a class, run around the map shooting enemies, driving vehicles, and satisfying a certain objective be it build a bri...

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