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I'm only about an hour and half in, but I'm enjoying it. Everything definitely feels very familiar, but it feels like a faster start than BL2 - the first skill point comes at level 2 (maybe 3?) instead of level 5, and the new mechanics (low gravity, oxygen) are introduced fairly early on. As mentioned above, the jump pads and "verticality" are a pretty cool addition. I also like how they're doing the story-telling (minor spoilers, I guess?): Instead of Marcus telling a story about the vault hunters, the story is told by one of the characters as they're being interrogated by Lilith and the gang. Similar to the Tiny Tina DLC from BL2, Brick and Mordecai chime in from time to time with their reaction to the story that's being told, e.g., "Jack did that? Maybe he wasn't as much of an asshole as I thought."

And so far (again, only 90 minutes in) I haven't noticed a ton of BL2 style humor. Then again, the BL2 stuff never really bothered me. I probably put 200+ hours into that game, and I loved every second of it.

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@m16mojo2: I don't think there are any mods that replace the environment or prop meshes, just weapons, clothing/armour and characters.

I just recently built a new PC and followed a series of "modding for beginners" tutorials. I was amazed by the results, and there IS a mod that replaces environmental/prop meshes. There are a number of screenshots at the link below, showing the difference in chains, ropes, furniture, and all kinds of other stuff.

In the spirit of this thread, here's one of the screenshots I took when I was wandering around my modded Skyrim world. At this point, it's hard to recall, but I think I was running mods to improve textures, lighting, weather, and flora/fauna - in addition to stuff that doesn't show up in a screenshot like physics, increased blood, added weapons/armor, etc.

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I bought a GTX 770 in August. I was cursing my bad timing and wishing that I'd waited just a little bit longer for a 970 when I stumbled across EVGA's Step Up program.

Maybe this is old news to everybody, but I was thrilled to learn that I can trade in my 770 for a brand new 970 at a cost of about $50 - the price difference between the two cards + the cost of an extended warranty + shipping. Not a bad deal, especially as we're starting to see games require more and more VRAM.

I'm not sure how many people will be able to take advantage of this, but I thought I'd put it out there since it certainly wasn't something I expected to be able to do.

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@lunnington: @ll_exile_ll: Thanks for your suggestions regarding the GPU. I did some additional research and I'm not sure the 4GB version is worth the extra cost for me. Honestly, I was already stretching the budget a bit to go from a 760 to the 770, and with no plans for three monitor (or even two monitor, at the moment) gaming, the benefit of the additional VRAM seems negligible - at least for now. I guess I'm gambling that by the time I really need 4GB, I'll probably need a bigger, badder GPU anyway.

I'm also not planning to getting into any overclocking, so I removed the aftermarket CPU cooler. Thanks for the tip!

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My current PC from 2008 has held up well, but I've decided to build a new one instead of picking up an Xbox One or PS4. I feel like I've struck a nice balance between price and performance, but I'd love hear any suggestions you might have.

The two areas I'm a little unsure about are the CPU cooler (is it necessary?) and the power supply (do I need more power?). I feel pretty good about everything else, but again, any input is appreciated.

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From my perspective, I think Bungie has done this game a disservice by releasing a beta. On paper, I should love this – finding guns, shooting bad guys, upgrading gear and/or skills, and visiting other planets. It sounds awesome.

The game they've created, unfortunately, is boring me to tears. I’m at level 5 and I just don’t want to play anymore. I know I should play longer to give the game a fair shake, but I’d rather spend my time revisiting Borderlands or cutting the grass or something. I had my doubts when I saw earlier coverage of the game, but now that I've actually had a chance to play it, I'm bummed that it's just not clicking with me.

  • Right off the bat, I’m being revived by a slightly annoying robot. Comparisons to the Borderlands franchise are inevitable with a loot-driven FPS/RPG, but seconds after the game starts, I’m already having flashbacks to Claptrap waking me up at the beginning of Borderlands 2. I’m starting the game weaponless, and the robot is spouting exposition as it leads me to my first gun.
  • Is this even a “loot-driven” game? Where are the other guns? Loot chests? I've seen one (tutorial) chest. Enemies? I don’t think they've dropped anything but green and white ammo boxes. From what I can tell, I get one or two weapons or pieces of gear at the end of each mission. The shooting is fun, but it’s getting old quick without more new weapons to try out.
  • What the hell is going on anyway? I got a (nice looking) cut-scene of some dudes exploring Mars, and then a whole shitload of nonsense. Are the Hive and the Fallen the Darkness? What are Guardians?
  • Speaking of Guardians, sure, it’s clichéd to make the player “the last hope of humanity” or something, but I don’t feel terribly important to the story when there are hundreds of other Guardians dancing and waving to each other in the Tower.

I dunno. I had high hopes for this game, and the beta has been a pretty big disappointment.

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I think there's a distinction to be made between CBSi posting a job opening publicly for legal reasons and the site's community manager creating a thread inviting people to apply.

Honestly, it would not surprise me to hear that when the job was posted on the CBS jobs site, the guys already had somebody in mind or had even already begun the hiring process. That's fine - I totally understand. That's business, and HR requirements, and legal mandates, and probably any number of other things.

If that's the case, however, I don't see any reason for this thread to exist. Rorie posting about the openings got a lot of people excited about the idea that Giant Bomb would be looking for new blood, fresh faces, whatever. If it turns out that they've hired an industry regular and/or friend of the site, and that they already had an expectation that they were going to hire that person, then this thread comes across as a big tease, or even mean-spirited. Why bother asking for applications?

As some have said, we'll probably never know how the timing played out, so I'll just go on thinking that they asked for applications because they had NO IDEA who they were going to hire.

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@truthtellah: Hmmm... I read "in terms of events" as something like Forza - where the "events" are things like "Asian Championship, "American Muscle Showdown," or "AWD Tournament." I understood that to mean that every "event" in the single player mode would be available. It sounds like you (and maybe others) interpreted "events" as "circuit race," "point to point," "elimination," etc - which I hadn't even considered. In that case, yes, the PS+ version would be closer to a demo.

I still can't help but feel that the original announcement was misleading at best. As the OP has said a couple of times, "slight" and "few" generally do not imply 80%. Oh well. As I said initially, I never really cared about this game anyway - I was more surprised by the lack of outrage. It seems like most folks are willing to get up in arms about almost anything these days. :)

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@spaceinsomniac: I don't have a PS4 or PS+, and I never had any interest in this game, but I agree with you that this is a pretty shady move. I'm kind of scratching my head at all these replies that say this is no big deal.

Assuming the quotes in your original post are accurate, I think "you're going to have all of the single player content in terms of events" is anything but vague. To turn around and change that to 10 cars and 5 tracks (fuck variants) is pretty shitty. The idea that it's not a demo because "you get access to all of the game’s features online and offline" is laughable. Any well-made demo will give access to all the features. Similarly, most demos would only let you select from 10 cars. I'll admit that 5 tracks would be generous for a demo.

I have no stake in this and I normally wouldn't even reply to this thread, but like you, I'm a little surprised at the response you received.