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None of these are in line with your examples, but these are the first things that came to mind when I thought of "games that never get boring."

  • Racing games like Forza - with hundreds of cars to choose from and countless options for customization, a new car is always available for me to test drive. I'll frequently fire up Forza Horizon just to cruise around in something that I'd never use in one of the actual race events.
  • Sports games. I'm still playing NCAA Football '12. I love the dynasty mode - going through season after season, watching my players improve and move on to the NFL while I recruit the new players that will replace them.
  • As mentioned above, Diablo and Civ are both good for hundreds, if not thousands of hours.
  • Sudoku. Seriously. Whenever I'm bored of literally anything else, I pull out my phone and solve a sudoku puzzle. It never gets old.
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@torrim: Thanks for the info! We were watching Netflix fine last night, but I tried a DVD, and sure enough - I got a little 'achievement unlocked' style pop-up saying "Secure HDCP link not found." Weird that Neflix still works on the Xbox, but I suppose this could help to explain why the problem initially started with Netflix on the PS3.

New TV, huh? The current one is relatively long in the tooth, and it's the old DLP style projection, so it's bulky. It doesn't exactly break my heart that I may need to buy a new TV, but I suppose I still need to do my due diligence and confirm your solution. :) To Google!

Thanks again for the information!

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Good thought - and that was actually the last thing I tried before I posted, just in case. I wasn't sure if my old-ass TV would take a 1080p input, so I did take the PS3 back downstairs and set it to 720p. Weirdly, the "info" display on the TV seems to recognize that it's getting a 720p signal, but there's still no picture. I'll fiddle with the TV settings to be sure I didn't miss anything in there, but I'm pretty confident there's nothing there to force one of the HDMI inputs to a certain resolution.

This is probably what I get for ooh-ing and aah-ing at the 4k TVs at Costco.

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The issue: No video from the PS3 via HDMI. The PS3 itself has been confirmed to be fine by both a repair shop and on my other TV. The HDMI cable and HDMI port on the TV are both fine because they work with the Xbox.

Something HAS to be broken, but I don't know what it is! Any suggestions would be appreciated.

In the interest of thoroughness (and also to put my thoughts in order and confirm for myself that I haven't missed something obvious), I've listed out all the steps I've taken so far to troubleshoot this. Thank you in advance to anybody with the patience to read through this and respond.


My wife was watching Netflix on our PS3 (fat, 80GB) when the screen went black. The PS3 was connected via HDMI through my receiver to my TV.

  • I turned the PS3 off and on several times, including holding the power button to reset the video.

At this point, the LED on the front of the console is green, but there is no video. When I turn on the PS3, I see a brief flash of green on the screen, and then nothing.

  • Switching inputs on the receiver, I see that my Xbox is also failing to output video.
  • I've had trouble with the receiver's HDMI outputs in the past, so I disconnect both consoles and connect them directly to the TV via HDMI. The Xbox works fine now, but the PS3 still won't output video.
  • I switch to a spare HDMI cable and use a different HDMI input on the TV - same issue.
  • Reading online that removing the HDD will, at the very least, generate a prompt that storage is unavailable, I try that - still no video.

I take the PS3 to a local computer/console repair shop and explain the issue. Lucky for me, they do diagnostics for free, because the lady says the PS3 started up fine for them. She proceeds to explain how to reset the video, and when I tell her I've tried that, she offers to check my HDMI cable if I want to bring it back in. Sigh.

  • Back at the house, I rummage through the attic for the composite cables that came with the PS3, and hook it up to the TV with those. Success!
  • I attempt to change the connection to HDMI. Following the prompt on screen, I switch the source on the TV...........and still nothing. I turn the PS3 off and back on, reset the video a couple more times, and still can't get anything on screen. The composite connection, however, works fine.
  • Do I have TWO bad HDMI cables? Stranger things have happened, I suppose, so I use the one from the Xbox, also changing to the TV input that has been working. I still get the same issue.

I dig behind the TV and get everything disconnected, then go down to the basement to try my other TV - something I probably should have done MUCH earlier in this process.

  • I connect with the composite cables, change the input to HDMI, switch sources on the TV, and bingo! It works just like I would have expected it to.
  • With the console now set to use HDMI, I take it back upstairs and reconnect it - still nothing on my primary TV. So.... a bad HDMI port on the TV?
  • Nope! Because the Xbox has been working all along, and when I switch the cable back to the Xbox and turn it on - it still works fine.

Oh, and the best part of all? Once I finally get the PS3 working, I'll get to do all this over again when I reconnect the receiver to see if it was even part of the issue to begin with!

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@sammo21 said:

My suggestions

1. Rainbow Six : Tom Clancy

I would love for them to do one of Clancy's books. There are some really obvious choices if they're looking for a book/movie combo, but as you mentioned Rainbow Six would be great if they wanted to go with just a book. I think the Cold War spycraft in The Cardinal of the Kremlin would be right up Drew's alley, and I imagine that Dan would really enjoy Without Remorse.

For a book/movie combo, The Bourne Identity might be a good one because the book and movie are so wildly different.

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@gerrid said:

2-handed Rogue at level 14, I was rolling around with Cassandra, Iron Bull and Dorian for a good while.

This is also my setup. I like to swap Iron Bull for Blackwall if I'm doing anything involving Grey Wardens, or I swap out everybody for my B-team if I just want a change of pace: Varric, Vivienne, and Blackwall.

I never use Sera, Solas, or Cole.

All that said, I really only play my character. I'm playing on Normal, so I haven't felt the need to swap around or micro-manage the rest of the party.

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Making an Assassin's Creed game with discreet levels or a semi-open world would get me more jazzed about that series than any change of series/time-period would. I think Jeff suggested as much in a recent Bombcast.

I've always thought an Assassin's Creed game done in the style of a Hitman game would be incredible. Hell, going back to AC1, that's kind of what I wanted. I enjoyed Assassin's Creed for what it was through Brotherhood, and then AC3 turned me off of the series completely. I thought that Hitman Absolution, while not perfect, was enjoyable - and an Assassin's Creed game with a linear progression of levels/missions/objectives would get me right back on board.

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@corevi said:

Peach solely because of Dan's Face/Off reference in the newest bombcast.

Yup. I was dying when I heard that. Dan's the best.

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I guess this is the place to leave this:

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I'm only about an hour and half in, but I'm enjoying it. Everything definitely feels very familiar, but it feels like a faster start than BL2 - the first skill point comes at level 2 (maybe 3?) instead of level 5, and the new mechanics (low gravity, oxygen) are introduced fairly early on. As mentioned above, the jump pads and "verticality" are a pretty cool addition. I also like how they're doing the story-telling (minor spoilers, I guess?): Instead of Marcus telling a story about the vault hunters, the story is told by one of the characters as they're being interrogated by Lilith and the gang. Similar to the Tiny Tina DLC from BL2, Brick and Mordecai chime in from time to time with their reaction to the story that's being told, e.g., "Jack did that? Maybe he wasn't as much of an asshole as I thought."

And so far (again, only 90 minutes in) I haven't noticed a ton of BL2 style humor. Then again, the BL2 stuff never really bothered me. I probably put 200+ hours into that game, and I loved every second of it.