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Mine is kinda generic and bland, and still messy from last night, I wonder if lots of people game the same way I do, post your picture of your setup or a setup you would like to have.

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when you go to the gym are you trying to bulk up or get cut?

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I am looking forward to a browser and maybe they'll fix the party explosions.

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I know I am setting my self up for death threats from all the cult fans running around who have played the game and loved it from the first release, however I just have got to put this out there.

Besides the games ugly texture on consoles this game has a lot of small things that would be forgivable if there just were so many of them. How about I just use a bullet and number system.

1. The map designs, Okay for a game that claims to be a free roam strategy based stealth shooter, there sure aren't a lot of places to go. I get so annoyed to see building after building after building that I would love to snipe from off limits. The game forces you to use predetermined spots to fire from, pretty much eliminating any creativity in how you kill. Also in this category the game seems to intentionally troll you by showing these building with wide open rooms and doors that you believe you can go but makes you feel stupid when you realise you were hoping for too much.

2. The sneaking, Wow I am a really big fan of games of stealth but I have to say this is the worst and most clumsy sneaking scheme I have ever played. There is simply no silently going from point a to point b. For example, you believe that you will be safe to stand up and walk when you are out of sight of men on the other side of a wall and down the street from you. but no these guys have some killer spidey senses.

3. The A.I , I'm not even going to get started here.

4. The music/voice acting, the music in this game is the most atrocious generic repeating tune, and the phrases by the a.i are so bad I feel like I'm back playing mohu, the nostalgia would be great if this was a game on ps2, but no this is a next gen system and I have turtle beach headsets that this video game makes me regret ever purchasing.

All in all the game to me just is not good. I do like some things about it like the kill cam, however any game that makes me literally question whether the game was tested before release is not something I will spend the time to play. It's not for me. I think I'm going to stick with battlefield.