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Edit: Was kind of hoping for a live stream of The Crew since Ubi didn't send out review copies. If they managed to fix the feel of the handling for release, I'd consider buying it.

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If Gabe Newell were female, Maulbeck would be crucified.

Instead, he's kind of getting a pass.

I'm just saying what's good for the goose...

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What's the problem? Most pop singers are already just digital vocal edits, why not make the whole performer digital?

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It can't be as bad as Forza 5's ridiculous not-so-micro-transactions. (An F1 car costs $120+)

Can it?

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Bad idea posting this before anything official is said.

I though GB was staunchly anti-rumor.

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@SushiX said:

This is why Turn 10 no longer gets any of my money. The CRX has been without aftermarket side skirts since Forza 1. No effort whatsoever in 5 games to fix it.

What else in Horizon is leftover fuckups from the original? Is the 69 Camaro still stretched? Can you still not paint the bumper on the EG Civic?

Lazy, lazy, fucking lazy.

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Protip #1: Release your game in a timely manner.

Protip #2: Don't take a contractor's word that a project has a green light. Get it in writing.

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An MMO Stalker game would not be a Stalker game. That was half the point of Stalker was that you were out in the Zone on your own.

Add 150 xXSephiroffXx's to the Zone and the whole atmosphere has been sucked dry.

At least I can still play the first 3 games.

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I'd be willing to bet Forza 4 is still using some of same proportionally incorrect models from Forza 1.

They did it in Forza 3.

Hell, I'd be willing to bet you still can't paint the bumper on the Civic.

If there's anything Turn 10 should be raked over the coals for, it's recycling the same old over and over and slapping a new number on it and sending it out the door.

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Dear Turn 10, 
I will buy this on one condition: 
You stop using the same incorrectly proportioned model of the 1969 Camaro you've been using since Forza 1.  
Is it really so much to ask that you guys fix car models that have been wrong since Day 1!?