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YES.  I don't see why they got rid of it =/
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The title just about sums it up.  I'm debating whether to drive out in the morning and if I can find some deals on either of these I think I might.  Thanks for the help in advance!

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I'm pretty sure all the assault rifles have the same attachments, so the AK-47 should have a shotgun as an attachment option like the rest.
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I thought the same thing.  Reminded me of R6V2, I think the AK was the last to be unlocked as well.  I'm not positive but I don't think its been changed (like how the M14 from CoD4 became the MK14 EBR in MW2).
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@BlackWaterCO said:

"adam_grif said:
"No. I don't have any place in this thread, but I felt obliged to join in on the discussions anyway.

Back in my 4chan days I was a tripfag on /k/, the weapons board, so I got to know quite a few people such as yourself. Some of the best internet citizens I ever met.
glad to see you respect the men and women servingToo Many Liberals out there trying to make us look like killing machines....Well so what? We Kill bad guys that ultimately would overrun our country if we just sat on our thumbs. Thanks Man. To quote a Marine Sniper...News Woman: What do you feel when you Kill people in the War?Sniper: *With a small grin* Recoil.... "

BlackWater, I strongly oppose this comment.  Liberals aren't out to get military personnel, though many are overly critical of people who are doing difficult jobs they lack the courage to do.  But there are plenty of conservatives like Bill O'Reilly who "support" the troops but lie that they would do the jobs they support other troops to do.  (Bill O'Reilly claimed he would give his life to take Fallujah, that is complete and utter ****).    And what is up with your name?  Do you want to join a PMC group who toss grenades at civillians?  I'm not disagreeing with you that the men and women serving our country are heroes.  My father's side of the family has a strong martial tradition in the USMC and Navy and I hope to continue that.  I'm just saying thinking that killing people is "cool", like your quote about the Marine sniper, is just sick.  My grandfather was in charge of a weapons platoon in Hue and Danang and hearing from him there is nothing "fun" about killing.  I hope your experience in the Marines matures you in that respect.

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@CowMuffins said:

"I'd tap that."


Hahahahaha, word....................
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@TheMustacheHero said:
"@Vito_Raliffe said:
" whats a girl "
That's what I said..."

Haha I'm giving you credit.