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I can usually find a way to relate to the main character. Even if it isn't something obvious or a large part of the character. I could relate to almost any main character in almost any series. "Oh the main character is trusting. I usually trust people."

Didn't realize it until I didnt even bother finishing Watch Dogs. I couldn't care about Aiden. I had no connection to him. As Patrick said, Aiden operated with blinders on. It was too much. I knew it every second of the way and thought about it constantly. I just powered down an entire section of the city. There has to be SOMEONE that probably died because of it. A car accident had to have happened ruining someones finances and sending them into depression.

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@truthtellah: Yeah I guess it would carry over some of the same basic ideas. I guess I'm just saying from a critical perspective it felt like it was too much of the same. Though this one had some fresh topics I approximate she brought up. Either way this discussion is necessary in advancing the medium and our culture.

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I think feminism is cool and should be supported. I think rape culture is real and is fucked up. Sexism does exist on a massive level, especially in gaming culture and it freaks me out how people can allow it to happen.

As for the video I think it's pretty repetitive and isn't the best way to convey the information. She has her moments but I always feel like I'm watching the same video with the same tropes but slight variations on the words. Instead of "women are trophies" it's "women are objects" or "women being sexualized are rewards... like trophies or objects". Still I think Anita get's too much shit for the videos. Over all they have are bringing some real shit to light that is subconsciously ingrained in our society. I've seen it first hand and sexism in person is REAAAAAL CREEPY. Fuck that noise.

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Vinny being a Giantbomb heavy hitter/ goes best with everyone on content I guess it makes sense that they have someone with that much pull to go and push content over there. I really hope for the best for Vinny.

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Can I get a print?

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Huh... More content and appropriately titled. I approve of this. Kinda cool to see things as they grow and having video of it will be a good way to archive this stuff. That way when the final product comes out it would be fun to go back to an early unfinished and go " Remember when it only had one character?" or " Kinda liked the terrible place holder music they use to have in the second version..."

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I am loving it. Livestreamed a couple hours yesterday and put on a good show for Need for Speed when I accidentally landed on a racer I was chasing. Too bad the game isn't recording video when it live streams and theirs no archive.

Can't wait to see Japan make games for it.

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This is ridiculous. I mean oculus rift boobs and sex is all well and fine in my book but that novint falcon is completely impractical.

Also there are way too many people who are being super negative about this. I for one welcome our new oculus rift sexy cartoon lady overlords.

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Fuck yeah, pokemon.

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I don't care about any of this unless it effects Giant Bomb. If it does then I will write as many angry letters as it takes to fix the issue.