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@indeedcodybrown: I think your right about Dan watching Cowboy Bebop. It's completely built around Western culture and Western cinema.

Dragon Ball Z is too slow for him. Just like he says with his dad and friends, if he want's to show something to someone he makes it easy for them to get into it. Dragon Ball is difficult to get into when someone already doesn't like animation, then layer anime, the stigma of anime, and then layer on like 6 full episodes of nothing but charging an attack?? The barrier to entry is way too high. I think it's the same for all shounen anime too. They all suffer from massive filler and ANY filler would be a much more significant blow to Dan's already shaky motivation.

Cowboy Bebop is a short length, concise, has action through out and it's based on Western actors and movies. For him specifically that is a MUCH lower barrier of entry.

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@corevi: Holy shit nice, thanks for including all the stats too.

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@corevi: Thank you for clearing that up!

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@ejc93: I think trying D&D is already beyond his comfort zone. Besides, I've never seen this class so I'd enjoy seeing someone use it.

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As a D&D player I have been in a handful of campaigns. In those caimpaigns I have had some strict and not so strict DM's. Twice DM'd a game myself. One thing I learned is that within reason you can tweak characters with permission from a DM.

In the last Mail Bag video they brought up D&D and Dan asked if he could be the Terminator. I know custom classes are ENTIRELY possible in D&D and have seen a couple in my games with varying levels of success. Sometimes they are vastly over-powered and the DM has to make on the fly changes, other times the class is so all over the place they are incapable of helping the party through out the campaign.

I was wondering how many D&D fans we have here that have experience in building custom classes. I asked Dan on twitter what version of D&D they are playing so we can maybe make a terminator class? I dunno something that cant be healed by magic or potions, etc but has heavier armor, etc etc.

Edit: Ok looks like it already exists! Nice to know Dan's idea isn't even far fetched.

Edit 2: Ok so race and class! lol

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Well I was already starting to bail on the series. They started earlier but looks like they are making a point of burning all good will.

Not that it matters. It was gonna be a rental anyway. :/

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@sub_o: Literally the first thing I noticed. Scariest thing out this year was a free playable teaser.

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Ok finally finished coloring it! (Joking aside been busy with commissions. Should have time to work on it tonight though!)

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@hamst3r said:

@badnews: I might have something to post tomorrow, gotta go find my Wacom though, it's in a storage box at the moment.

But, if you want to take a stab at the idea I have, here's a text description with a few examples:

Crunchyroll-Hime is super-excited, GB-hime is just as excited, veering on the edge of manic. Crunchy also has some good action poses, GB is all about action. Possibly a more action-y leaning forward pose. Red, White and Black color scheme to match the site. Oculus Rift on the top of her head, like goggles. Regular black t-shirt under an open track jacket. Track pants. Ryan-Davis-Approved neon-eye-sore sneakers.

Hair: Whatever kind of hair, but within it, a bomb fuse (or fuses). Alternatively, dreadlocks that look like bomb fuses. Star shapes at the end of the fuses.

Shirt: 1. Anime Is For Jerks shirt. 2. NEVER! shirt. 3. <> shirt. 4. An actual GB shirt.

Props: 1. A luchadeer staff, that is, the deer head and mask on a long pole. 2. A half eaten cake being dropped, because action poses. 3. A Nintendo Zapper (in a holster?). 4. CBS eyepatch. 5. The Sims phone charm attached to the jacket collar. 6. Chie-style pins on her jacket (Space Invaders, Sinistar, Capcom Yashichi). 7. Sports wrist-band. 8. White Shutter Shades.

Something like that. Just sort of throwing a lot of ideas out there. Gonna try drawing it myself tomorrow, but there are a few ideas if anyone else wants to give it a go. :)

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