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PSN: Slurpelve

Im just trying to finish the story but Im down to play.

Eastern timezone

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So I gotten PS4 a couple weeks ago, needing some friends to play with.

I have BF4, Last of us Remastered, Tomb Raider Definitive Edition, Destiny and more later this month. I'm really looking for some people to BF4 with.

PSN: Slurpelve

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My PSN is Slurpelve if anyone wants to add me.

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PSN: Slurpelve

TImezone: Eastern US

Games: Tomb Raider, Destiny, other later this month.

Feel free to add, just dont be a dick

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Hopefully this thread stay alive until I get my PS4 from Amazon early next week.

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After this World Cup I really became a fan of the sport, can't wait until next World Cup in 2018!

Congrats Germany!

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I can't believe it been a year since Ryan died.

I remember Ryan was probably the first person I really liked and follow at Gamespot back in the day.

*Raises glass*


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Definitely L.A Noire, the trailers got me really hype for it and then playing it felt lackluster.

It wasn't a bad game the story just felt weird.

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So I missed out on the last couple days at Giant Bomb, what happen?

I'm pretty such it has to deal with the new hiring and everything.

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I totally forgot how awesome the hotspot was back in the day.