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I think thats cool

Curious if the console versions of youtube get the 60 fps, even on the older platforms.

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Congrats on the new job!

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Wow, that was soo random, just noding their heads slowly

cool video!

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@spoonman671: damn forgot that BC1 had some great music, good memories.

@seppli: Wait, quick question do people still play BC2 on any platforms anymore, or everyone moved on?

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Definitely Bad Company 2, It was my first MP that I loved other than Halo 3.

Plus the Single player was good, Kind of wish Onslaught mode was in the newer BF games.

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@badsniper52 said:

Still waiting for someone to do a Shaquille O'Neal Face in UFC.

Your wish has been granted

This totally made my day!

Thank you

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Still waiting for someone to do a Shaquille O'Neal Face in UFC.

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I wanted a new Bad Company before BF4, I guess since BFBC1 was sort of my first Battlefield game that I remember all the crazy moments while playing the single player and multiplayer.

Glad to heard they making a new one!

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Im getting my PS4 next month with a Destiny preorder.

PSN: Slurpelve

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Wow, they used to look so young at the old office.

Cool video!