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Burn the internet down. There is no hope for human decency while it exists. Also, people who say that Fish couldn't handle 'criticism'? Criticism would be 'hey, you can be abrasive in your opinions, and I disagree because etc.' or 'your game is bad because etc.'. Figuratively burying the guy under a deluge of vitriolic, idiotic, and hateful comments is not criticism. It's being a dick. If I was subjected to the equivalent of youtube comments everywhere I went for years on end, I'd want to become a recluse too.

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Patrick, the casual mode was introduced because sometimes, the RNG absolutely will just screw you over, and the most fulfilling game experience for many players is bringing as many of your characters to the end as possible. Fire Emblem is not always a fair game, and most players I know will restart if they lose someone, because there's a chance you might lose out on a portion of the game due to its randomness. Casual mode is just a piece of modern game design put in to make that process more expedient (in particular using the quicksave that's available with casual), while still keeping the other, traditional option for the more hardcore elements of the fanbase (or as someone else suggested, another run after finishing the game the first time). You're not playing the game wrong by attempting to fix your strategic mistakes on a map.