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n-n-n--nooooo.... :'(((

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This panel will feature Patrick and Zoe Quinn, both of whom have experienced some total bullshit on the internet, and they've got some ideas about why it happens and how we, as a society, can move on from at least some of this negativity. I suspect no actual internet jerks will be in attendance, which is unfortunate, since they probably need the most help in realizing that they're garbage people made of actual garbage. Human garbage, basically. I want to see this panel!

fuck off

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this is an absolutely awful thing to wake up to. cant believe it. jesus. rest in peace

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also, basic channel.
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this is complete horseshit. i have no problem with a subscription service whatsoever, but splitting the bombcast is just shady as hell. i was going to subscribe too, now I probably won't, unless they don't do this

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this looks terrible

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@LordXavierBritish said:
" If any of you think good art justifies a price tag I'd be happy to direct you to several free art museums that are open to the public.  In all honesty this is an 800 point game, and that is what it should have been. The graphics are simplistic and quickly fade into lifeless husks, the puzzles aren't that entirely devious, and the whole experience ends on somewhat of a sour note.  It's a good game, but it isn't that good. If you people think this is the epitome of platforming in our modern times then I have only to assume that you've just started gaming because while it does control well and it is fun to play, brother let me tell you that you can do a lot better.  Then again if all you play on is the 360 I really wouldn't be that surprised if you thought this was "the shit." "
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I am pretty loaded, in cash terms, so maybe I have different perspective then most, but come on. It's 15 dollars, Jesus Christ. You would easily pay $20 for a DVD of some shitty movie, but you wouldn't spend $15 for an exponentially more enjoyable experience? I mean really, 15 dollars is very close to the price of a movie ticket, if not under in some cases. And this game is more enjoyable and worthwhile than a lot of the movies I paid full price for recently.

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