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6 is a better phone than 5s due to the better processor and has a larger screen size. Overall, it's not that much of a difference. I'd go with the 5s purely on the price difference. It's a great phone!

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@dark_lord_spam: It means we're now governed by a country who have disdain for us for wanting to leave, but couldn't. Happy we're staying so our money can help their problems. If anyone thinks this is a positive for Scotland; their heads are in the clouds.

@akyho, do you really believe we'll be able to be more independent after this?

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It's only possible for you to be summoned in the "Challenge path" areas. And There's no guarantee they'll see your sign. I think it's still relatively random even with the ring.

Ahhhhh, I used "challenge path" in a search I just did and it seems like you have to place your sign on one of the gravestones at the start, before the locked door, and then my sign will appear on a corresponding gravestone in The Cave of The Dead area. Will see if I can get a friend on tonight to try it and I'll check back in here with confirmation for people who might come across this thread in the future.

This sounds weird. I only have the first DLC so, if you want, you could try it with me?

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@ikilledthedj: He's saying the Premium one is longer though, not the other way around.

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It's pretty saddening we're getting the opportunity to govern our own nation, yet we're declining it. I'm voting yes, and obviously lots of others are too, but it's going to be a No vote that wins the referendum.

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A shot of beer is the lamest sounding thing ever.

You don't do shot's of beer.

Shots of beer every minute is hard as fuck. It's the carbonation that gets you.

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Watching the Bret Hart episode on Monday Night War and it is a painfully WWE biased piece. No mention of Bret turning down WCW to stay loyal to WCW, no mention on WWE subtly turning on Bret shortly after that, no mention in detail of all Shawn's dickery, no mention of creative control, no mention of a lot of things. WWE can be a fucking joke.

Not as much of a joke that Bret was in WCW.