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Hey duders, I just bought a PS4 and got Arkham Knight with it. Unfortunately I come home to find that my internet isn't working due to a faulty phone line and won't be working until Tuesday at the earliest.

So, I haven't been able to get my PS4 online yet and I'm stuck with my User1 profile. My question is if I get online, and sync up my PSN profile, will I lose progress on my play through of batman?

That would really suck. Any help will be appreciated!

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I am seriously baffled that some people think MGS4 is the worst of the series. I loved every single crazy ass moment.

I am MGS's biggest fan and I think 4 is my least favourite.

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Nah, I can't imagine it'd be worth the price tag when it appears on store shelves.

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Eh. We already have a message bit under the video, for example.

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I'm in the exact same situation, those 3 feeds using Overcast on my iphone, but I have also used ios podcasts and itunes on my mac to use them. They all work flawlessly.

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The multiplayer is always great.

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Why would anyone get it? The actual game doesn't look that great, there are a lot better dual-joystick shooters out there. Then there's the story/tone of the game... I'm not into being a sadist. I'd also rather not support seemingly shitty developers.

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@conker said:
@baillie said:

You're in canada, not North Korea.

I mean that I'm a Canadian currently NOT living in Canada but overseas for work, and the internet here, unlike in Canada, is unreliable and not the best.


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You're in canada, not North Korea.