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Pointless topic. Take it somewhere else.

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@baillie: huh. Are you using an app or reader of some kind? Or are you just downloading from the GB webpage? Doggcatcher isn't pulling the latest bombcast from any feed I have tried.

When I inspected the xml for both the premium feed and the bombcast specific feed, neither of them had the 10/14 bombcast listed.

iTunes and Pocket Casts. Maybe they removed it after the fact?

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Actually... I can't get the latest Bombcast to come up in any feed. I guess it's just an issue with the xml that is out there. They just haven't added the latest bombcast to the feed.

Er, no. It's working fine.

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So is this a failed podcast? Not been updated in over 3 weeks now.

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Or you can just ignore it like I have, continue you play games and enjoy the content on Giant Bomb.

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Lincoln Force of bust!

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I've never had a problem playing fighting games with the 360 controller.

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Is this strictly video content? Because otherwise the correct answer is the Bombcast. That easily the best and most content the site has put out. It is the only thing that can handily beat the P4ER.

Yes, which is why I said this and why Quick Looks aren't in it.

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Quests are pretty cool. They make people who don't use the wiki, use the wiki. It can be a fun game to try and figure out how to unlock some quests, collaborative efforts and trying to unlock them all. The ones like FIRST! were a cool concept but it broke down very quickly.