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It's so easy when talking about Metal Gear to spot the people who have and have not played the games - or do or do not have a full understanding of them even if they did.

No one has a full understanding of the metal gear games, not even Kojima.

A better way of saying it would be - those who get it and those who don't.

I get it all.

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I think it would have been better if a video like this actually showcased the high points and the low points of the series. Not saying it was a bad video by any means.

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@rebel_scum: Sorry, didn't see you reply. Yes, I have a headset. I have another person who should be up for helping, so that just leaves one more.

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I only have this game on the 360, but the heists are still awesome. I played them when they first came out and was seriously close to getting the criminal mastermind challenge while doing so.

Does anyone want to team up on this version of the game and perhaps attempt to go for that challenge? You get $10,000,000, and it's really not that difficult.

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It's hard when you fight a boss you don't know how to defend against, it's also hard when you have a horde of enemies after you.

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@substance_d: Yes. There's a Giant Bomb Premium podcast feed.

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@goombahmike: Thats a problem with every app you'll use. It's annoying, but eh. They need to attach the artwork to every file to get it working.

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It's a bad game. Even worse to watch someone play it. I hope not, it'll suck all the energy out of the series.

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  • Broken Age purely for the documentary.
  • Broken Sword
  • Dreamfall
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@notnert427: You're a trail blazer, a trend setter, ahead of the times.