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@BisonHero: While I agree with you and often find myself wondering just what the fuck happened to this franchise I once called a favorite, I think you've missed out on two of the most amazing games ever made (AC1 and 2).

Some of the my most immersive, enjoyable and challenging gaming memories happened in the shoes of Altair and Ezio, some of the best story moments as well. And, being the gameplay afficiando that I am, I believe Brotherhood is, gameplay-wise, one of the most exciting games I've ever played.

It's a shame that the story writers got so pretentious and up their own asses that they turned the intriguing, underlying conspiracy vibe of the first game into this mess.

Yeah, I was maybe a little quick to dismiss the gameplay, but I play games much like Vinny, so A) all of the collection stuff in AC2 and onwards would kill me because I would be strongly tempted to get it at all, and B) I really do play a lot of games for the narrative, and would've been extremely disappointed by the 2012 stuff, and it sounds like Connor's arc was a little weak overall as well.

Maybe I'll pick up AC2 and Brotherhood in a Steam sale, and just play them for the Ezio stuff and ignore nearly everything else.

How about not judging games before you play them? Christ.

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It's 'accepting'. Also, capitalise the letter I.

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@ADarkMatter: Talk about fucking bullshit. Send a tweet to XboxSupport on twitter and see what they say about this.

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@RedRoach: Perhaps, but if you have listened to and/or read the deliberation process, it goes down the way I said.

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Yeah, Super Mario 3D Land is going to take it.

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It's going to be a game they've actually played this year, and not much last year. That's what this category is all about...

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@Hizang: I find the humour terrible and overly forced. I agree that GTAIV isn't the story direction I wanted, well maybe it was, but the characters involved do not help make it enjoyable. I also found the gameplay in IV much, much better than Saints Row.

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It's funny because it is in no way going to compete with the enjoyment of watching the Persona 4 Endurance Run.

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@G0DF4TH3R: Thats a good collection, Saints Row the Third was the best game from last year, but I think the Demon Souls servers have shut down though.

Talk about an overstatement. I've been playing it recently and I see nothing great about it.

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@Icemo: It's called ZombiU simply because it's a sequel to Zombi, I really don't see the big problem.