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Nintendo didn't make Metal Gear Solid 3, what are you talking about?

Woah, wait a minute after actually visiting the link... Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 are the best games ever created? I'm going to snigger and walk away.

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@imsh_pl: Sure, I understand my wording of the topic wasn't the greatest, I should have just wrote, 'Who would you prefer to win the United States Presidential Election?'

It's all I'm asking and I'm also assuming if their actually chosen candidate isn't there, they will pick the candidate they will prefer to win.

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@TooWalrus: I'm not here to try cause any controversy, I'm not even wanting to get into a discussion about it, like you and others have said, there are threads already made for that. I am an outsider, and I have no idea who Gary Johnson is, but I do know he isn't going to come close to either Obama or Romney. I'm watching BBC One in the UK which is covering the election throughout the night, there's only two candidates up there, so I don't know why you're throwing rocks at me.

I think Romney has a good chance to win, but like I said, I'm not American and I don't have a good idea about anything. I think Romney is very likeable, which I couldn't have said about McCain. Either way, it's going to be very close, even if you assume Obama is going to win.

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@imsh_pl: All I'm attempting to do is get an easy glance of what the Giant Bomb community is skewed towards, that's it. Do you want me to list all the candidates, even the ones that will only get a vote? What's the point?

Also, I don't think you can flag polls, which is dumb.

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@Castiel: Yeah, I was going to add to the title 'Who would have have voted for if you're not American'.

I know there's other threads, but I thought a poll would be most suitable.. Right?

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@TooWalrus: I have no idea who else is running, and whoever else ain't going to win anyway, so why add them? I saw the other thread, but I thought a poll would be nice to have an idea from a glance. I'm not even American.

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@iceman228433: I met him today.

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Good suggestions when I put in 4 games. Although most of them were games in the same franchise.

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Thanks everyone for the suggestions, but I would like to point out that after 4 years, I will stop trying to play games with her that I assume she would like. :P She just wants a new game after playing PvZ for over 100 hours! I'll let her see this thread and see what she thinks of them.

Also, I have most consoles but she only has a laptop, so that's why I've listed PC games. Heavy Rain could be a good one actually, I loved that game, so I might actually introduce her to Fahrenheit too!

Oh, and I have already tried Cook, Serve, Delicious. She doesn't like it that much. What's wrong with her? WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER?