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@bisonhero: I think we usually disagree on things, if I'm remembering correctly. But man, you're singing a lullaby and I'm falling asleep in your arms right now.

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@pie said:

I remember spoiling many endurance run episodes doing this

We're old.

@baillie: Man, imagine if the entirety of MGS2 were as good as the Tanker chapter. And we didn't have to deal with all the dumb bomb defusal, the awful swimming mechanics, and the terrible part where you have to lead Emma around by the hand for a really contrived reason. God, Big Shell was just such a poor setting.

I'll never understand why MGS2 is as highly praised as it it. The Tanker chapter is pretty amazing. The Plant chapter has some cool moments, but overall it's tedious, contrived and bloated. I remember after beating the harrier jet, the gameplay resumes and you are on a broken sewage pipe on the edge of the plant platform. I ran forward, slipped on some bird shit, fell off and died; It's reasons like this I can't be too mad at the game.

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The amount of grinding seems absurd, especially for rewards that are luck based.

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I know this is a question about all games in general, but the staff don't hate Destiny by any means. They're just disappointed with the lack of substance to the game. I'm pretty sure everyone feels the same way about it; the game is actually pretty fun to play, but the repetitiveness, lack of maps and the sparse story really undermine what should be a great game.

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@baillie: The one pro tip that I hope Dan has him do off screen is to get Raiden to have a level 3 grip becuase that shit was useful when I needed it.

If there's one thing Drew would totally not be up for doing, it's that. He cares way too much about the audience and will get embarrassed by how long it takes.

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Metal Gear Solid 2 is much more of a trudge than MGS 1. It has some REALLY stupid moments, really annoying sequences and man. He's going to enjoy MGS 3 though. He'll also really enjoy the Tanker mission.

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I'll hand in my badge in the morning.

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@baillie: i think if you post the actual link non subscribers will be able to access it.

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You should pull that link, non-subs can watch it.

Whoops. I forgot about that, my bad.

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