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The first thing I thought after seeing it was I bet a lot of people think this was made fully by the artist. @goat_rat's overly aggressive response to this seems to make me think he kind of wanted people to assume that. Oh well, being a dick just makes me not appreciate it as much.

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@bceagles128: There's only 3 torture button mash sequences on Easy, 1 less than Normal. I think that's the right numbers, either way, yes it is easier.

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Rations heal you fully, bosses are easier - and you gain full health back after beating one. You can farm items by leaving and returning to the area. Snake takes small amounts of damage. I'd recommend Normal just for the lack of cake walk and not experiencing the game like you probably should.

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I got a nice warm stylish jacket.

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The only friend I know who called his parents by their first names did it basically ever since he and his brothers were kids. They were a fairly progressive household.

By progressive you mean pretentious, right?

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The game is pretty shit. It has a few moments that are good, but by a few I mean literally about 3. The game is BLOATED as fuck too. I don't see what everyone loves about it, it's story does get better during the last quarter of the game, but man is it a hard game to sit and play, nevermind watching.

Also, it'll be a huge come down after 3. The best game in the series!

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Holy shit do you have terrible Internet.

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It's a stupid game that shouldn't exist, I'm glad there are people attempting to put a black spot over it.

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@hh: RDR on your list makes me sad.

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