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What are you guys even talking about?

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Its release day in Australia and Europe. UK gets it in January, whereas USA gets it in February.

I can totally buy it on Steam right now so I don't think UK is January, not on all platforms anyway.

It says available to pre-purchase.

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We're really scraping the barrel now with our complaints.

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Its release day in Australia and Europe. UK gets it in January, whereas USA gets it in February.

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Hey guys, I'm wondering if there's a way to go about automatically downloading specific files from an RSS feed. Like on iTunes, it can be set to download every file when it is available. Is it possible to use something to automatically download an item if it matches a specific name, for example?

Currently, I am trying to do this with the Giant Bomb Premium RSS feed, and want to have it automatically download the Metal Gear Scanlon videos. Does anyone have any ideas on how this would be achieved?

Thanks for any help.

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You missed a few key moments, like Drew getting the star at the start.

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La Li Lu Le Lo is actually an unpronounceable set of words in Japanese. Soldiers under control of the Patriots have been programmed - using nanomachines - to say La Li Lu Le Lo when they attempt to say Patriots. So, overall it's a way to cover the identity of the Patriots, and it works somewhat in Japanese. In English it just sounds dumb.

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I am a premium member but haven't found out where to subscribe for the premium bombcasts. Can someone point me towards the correct URL?

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@billyok said:

Love how, two days after everyone was fuming about how Ubi rushed Unity out before it was ready, the comments here are take-my-ball-and-go-home pissy that Rockstar took its time to get it right. Congrats on being part of the problem.

GTA Online was a mess when it launched. Now it's not. So here come the heists.

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I'm glad I'm finally getting the feature I bought the game for.

If the feature you're buying a game for isn't available yet, don't buy the game. Not complicated.

You couldn't be any more off-base. The game had a horrible launch, that was ironed out within a week or two. The game has been stable for a long, long time, a promised feature should have been in there ages ago.

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@scrappypixels: That, and PES is still missing all of the modes that actually make FIFA fun. No Pro Clubs, Seasons and UT (if you actually care about UT).

I've heard it actually has these kinds of modes, well UT for definite.