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I think it sounded absolutely fine.

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Well which one was it, mobile or HD? There's a big difference.

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I'm a fan of Giant Bomb. Jeff Gertsmin and the gang!

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  1. Sterling Park, Virginia
  2. Washington Dulles International Airport
  3. San Francisco International Airport
  4. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
  5. GameSpot
  6. Giant Bomb
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@chuwero said:

Quick looks for me have never been about the 'facts'. If I want that I go to super boring stat based numberwang sites like metacritic. I watch a Quicklook to get a look at the game and how some people similar to myself find the game. If I think 'hey that like something I would enjoy too!' as most people have said, I will go find it.

But different stroke for different folks I guess. I prefer my quick looks to be as factless as possible.

You and a lot of others are glossing over the point here. It's a common occurrence that they themselves ask the question, that they don't have the answer to.

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So I'm playing Siege just now and when we spawned after using our drones, some dude on the other team was at our spawn point, dropped a C4 and wiped out 4 of us. What the fuck is that about, is this something that's going to be patched or is this fair game?

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The best one was the coke chug challenge, oh my.

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If you liked Daredevil you should watch Jessica Jones.