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@joeku: I forget what they said but I could sort you out if you refresh my memory.

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Totally worth it.


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Just chiming in to say it works for me on Chrome, Mac OS X Yosemite.

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@alwaysbebombing: You need a podcasts app, then you need to get the RSS feed for the podcast you want, this can be found on the podcast's page. Take that URL, and stick it in the search field or add podcast field in the app. However, it has to be inputted in an exact way;

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@onlykris: The two I use are Giant Bomb Season Pass and Giant Bomb Plus. The former works flawlessly as far as I'm aware, but Giant Bomb Plus has a bunch of bugs that limit me from using it much at all, but it does have the playlist feature you might like.

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@onlykris: There are user-made extensions that have been made that has made this a possibility on GB.

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@kin3tik: The only problems I can think of is having the password wrong or there is an unnecessary capital letter, like Https and not https.

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@kin3tik said:

@redyoshi: yep, I made sure it was https and I had the trailing slash but am still getting the error that it's not a valid feed. Odd.

Are you using the right username and password combination? Not your facebook/email or whatever. It should be

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Insightful, coming here and stirring up shit is a great way to get your point across.