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Whoops. Didn't mean to double post.

Aw christ, this is the 10,000th reply. I feel like a dick.

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I've never seen Kenta, Prince Devitt or Kevin Steen ever wrestle. I hope I'm in for a surprise!

I've only seen bits and pieces from each of those guys, but that, and knowing what I know about what people say about them, has me EXTREMELY excited. The last guy like them for me was this guy called Sami Zayn / El Generico, and it turned out to be right in his case, so yeah, I can't wait :D

I'll be honest and say I've barely even watched NXT. I have seen a couple of NXT matches, mainly just Sami Zayn and Cesaro though. I hope sometime soon they all just appear on WWE TV and well, I have more exposure.

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I've never seen Kenta, Prince Devitt or Kevin Steen ever wrestle. I hope I'm in for a surprise!

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Oh my. This is what horror needs, a legitimate Silent Hill game.

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Arkham Origins wasn't a terrible game I think the two things that put people off on the game and ultimately had many skipping it when it first came out was that the game was broken. Literally, after you got to the open world aspect of that game, you would get stuck or trapped and could not move at all. The last thing a new studio was helming that franchise and you could kinda tell that while they put some new concepts into the game the fatigue gameplay you mentioned before was there.

I wouldn't say that at all. I felt the two problems with the game was the lack of improvement over Arkham City and the weird changes to the combat. I felt as though the combat was way more about hammering on the counter button than doing sweet combos.

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They're different things, right? One is you can't physically aim your gun while moving and the other is not being able to shoot at all while moving.

Although they are different, I don't see why they can't be combined and explained the different variations within the wiki.

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Anyone have any ideas when this will be happening?

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So it's on at 7 AM GMT?

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Eh, it took a whole hour or so to get max level anyway.

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I'm not starting this thread to be mean,

Why lie?