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I still don't get the hype with Peace Walker. MGS should be a narrative heavy action game that moves forward at a good pace. From what I played of Peace Walker, it's just a grind. Couldn't finish it.

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I know these topics aren't the best, but could you help a duder out?

My girlfriend is going to university soon, and her laptop has all but died recently, and she wants to get a new one. She said she likes the look of the HP Pavilion 15, but I want some opinions of the duders here, you've helped me in the past!

She wants something portable to take to and from university, I think just having a fast computer overall so it boots quickly, etc. She doesn't do much either, just office - which she already has with Office 365 - and watching movies, on netflix, etc. The Pavilion 15 was £350 with an i3 and a normal hdd. I was just thinking she could get a better processor, maybe with an SSD with a comparable price.

Can anyone help? I'm terrible at searching for these things.

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That's a blow to the editorial side of game reviews, dude was probably the best at Gamespot. Glad to see him move on to something he's clearly passionate about.

Dude also seems mighty exhausted in recent times due to the nature of his field.

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The thought of trying to find all these riddler trophies makes me kind of sick. I have about 10, if that. Other than that it's a really fun game, there are definitely hidden loading screens though - think riddler.

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Hey duders, I just bought a PS4 and got Arkham Knight with it. Unfortunately I come home to find that my internet isn't working due to a faulty phone line and won't be working until Tuesday at the earliest.

So, I haven't been able to get my PS4 online yet and I'm stuck with my User1 profile. My question is if I get online, and sync up my PSN profile, will I lose progress on my play through of batman?

That would really suck. Any help will be appreciated!

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I am seriously baffled that some people think MGS4 is the worst of the series. I loved every single crazy ass moment.

I am MGS's biggest fan and I think 4 is my least favourite.

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Nah, I can't imagine it'd be worth the price tag when it appears on store shelves.

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Eh. We already have a message bit under the video, for example.

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I'm in the exact same situation, those 3 feeds using Overcast on my iphone, but I have also used ios podcasts and itunes on my mac to use them. They all work flawlessly.