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My first thought was something along the lines of "Minecraft is gone from the Xbone... hey that rhymes!"

Hate to burst your bubble, but that doesn't rhyme.

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Pointless topic. Take it somewhere else.

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@baillie: huh. Are you using an app or reader of some kind? Or are you just downloading from the GB webpage? Doggcatcher isn't pulling the latest bombcast from any feed I have tried.

When I inspected the xml for both the premium feed and the bombcast specific feed, neither of them had the 10/14 bombcast listed.

iTunes and Pocket Casts. Maybe they removed it after the fact?

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Actually... I can't get the latest Bombcast to come up in any feed. I guess it's just an issue with the xml that is out there. They just haven't added the latest bombcast to the feed.

Er, no. It's working fine.

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So is this a failed podcast? Not been updated in over 3 weeks now.

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Or you can just ignore it like I have, continue you play games and enjoy the content on Giant Bomb.

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Lincoln Force of bust!

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I've never had a problem playing fighting games with the 360 controller.