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It's the best game of all time, so yes.

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In several months, absolutely. MPP is one of my favourite features.

Can I just point out that there was 100 days between Mario Party and Mario Party 2? Then 85 days until Mario Party 3. They really aren't coming frequently.

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Brad's outright hostility towards Dan really made this last stream hard to enjoy. I mean, I like Jeff's misery, he takes it out on the game, not the people around him. Brad just made things uncomfortable.

^^^ This man knows.

Brad sucked the life out of that room. Constantly. The entire time. If he's just going to be a miserable prick the whole time just let him not do it and get Danny O'Dwyer or Jason or anyone else to play.

Like Brad Shoemaker is above playing Mario Party 3. Give me a fucking break.

Could you guys please cut that shit out, this is not high school.

Hey man, just because you can't read people doesn't mean the ones of us who can shouldn't be allowed to talk about it. It was clear as day.

Haha, man. You're a funny guy.

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@bluefish: I dunno why but I never enjoyed Mario Galaxy. I really didn't like the first Bayonetta so the big one is way off my radar. I'm a dick, I know.

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There's absolutely nothing I find worth playing on either Wii or Wii U.

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Also, no offense, but a lot of you may be reading way too much on this. If the Crew was actually suffering from these videos, they would stop doing them. If you want to say you don't like the videos, that's one thing, but please don't start talking about how they hate each other or whatever.

If there is something I am good at it's reading social cues.

Just rewatch the stream and tell me Brad is not being outright hostile, and not in a funny way. "Research the game in your own time!" There is a clear difference between Jeff and Brad in this stream. One is bored and expressing that in a funny way. One is outright pissed he has to be there and is taking it out on Dan.

I'm not saying this to defend Dan or anything, I am sure he doesn't need it. But for me, it just makes the whole thing uncomfortable.

Hey man, you're a great candidate for a wrestling fan. Kayfabe seems right up your alley.

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@superfusion: Considering everyone seemed to enjoy the first two, I think it's just indicative that Mario Party 3 is a fucking awful game.

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@mattyftm: Wow, really? You banned me for that?.... 0_o ... honestly, wow.

Then for the record, I think you've been extremely harsh in your decision to use the ban hammer on that one. I also think calling that comment racist is way off the mark. Stereotypical at best maybe but racist, nope. I dunno if you're from the UK like I am but the stereotype of the Polish here in the UK right now is that they have came here and gotten employment in a lot of positions like bricklayers, painter and decorators, factory workers and ... Plumbers.

So what I posted, which I honestly felt was innocent and innocuous enough considering some of the stuff that gets thrown around in the chat at these things, should have never incurred a ban of any length. Hence why I had NO clue, ZERO clue as to what had happened. I didn't even think what I said was THAT offensive. I just thought it was a flippant observational joke.

Honestly think you've been really harsh on that one and a little to trigger-happy with the ban hammer.

Eitherway, you've certainly made me think twice about bothering to even join in for a chat again. I already have to stay up well into the wee hours of the morning to watch these things live and get a shed load of bank charges for paying the subscription because it's in US Dollars... to now be branded a racist and be worried that anything else I say might be worthy of a ban hammer in your eyes.

Just... Honestly can't believe this.... I'm shocked, really shocked.

You're coming off worse, just learn from your mistakes and move on, christ.

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Seriously, why are all you guys acting like psychologists? Holy shit. The whole point of the feature was that Dan wanted to do it while no one else did. Of course they're not enjoying it, they knew going on they wouldn't enjoy it. No one's going to break or snap, not everyone is emotionally unstable, you know.