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Is this serious? Here goes a dive into the hornets nest.

Disclaimer: I can be somewhat entertained by sports involving balls (or some other inanimate object) but I suck at them all.

  • Endurance is just as important as sprinting really fast unlike in football, basketball, baseball and maybe hockey (which also is a low scoring sport)
  • No all-star games and no draft system
  • Few showmanship gameplay elements like slam dunks, homeruns, full kickoff return (although penalty kick might be similar)
  • No mid-game commercial breaks :P
  • I don't get your get your endurance argument.
  • All-Star Games? Watch the World Cup - Champions League, etc. Then you have teams Barcelona, Madrid Derby, Manchester Derby, etc. Draft system? How about the transfer window seasons? They're crazy fun.
  • Fantastic Skills from players like Ronaldo, Neymar, Ronaldinho and then fantastic plays from players like Messi and then the showmanship from the most confident of players in that of Ibrahimovic who loves to scores spectacular bicycle kicks, etc. The dude uses his taekwondo knowledge within the game!
  • Yup.
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  • Bombcast
  • Steve Austin Show
  • Ricky Gervais Show
  • LOST Rewatch
  • Breaking Bad Podcast (Will go back when I rewatch it again)
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I think your problem is you've never been in too many high level matches, or your just not at that level. You're arguments seemsud, but when you go in deep, a lot of unexpected shit can happen. Tell the terrible offence argument to Akuma and Seth.

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@adamwd: Original 3? There was 4, Brad is one of them.

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@mysour: I've been listening for 6. Crazy.

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ODST, without a doubt.

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@slashdance: I was almost losing hope there. Seriously, I can't believe you were the first the mention the word janky.

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It's not going to be permanent though. It's only like this because they're busy up in E3.