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@hassun said:

Neck snapping > throat slitting.


Hold-Up enemy on the ground > Hold-Up > Neck snapping > Throat Slit

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@gregalor said:

@artisanbreads said:

@privodotmenit: You can kill people stealthily in this game. That is what he means. He shoots people with lethal weapons and slits throats. I do the same thing and sneak through the whole game.

Or, you know, knock them out and then slit their throats while they're unconscious. Because that's something that a well adjusted person thinks to do.

I'll just throw it out there that you can't slit throats while the enemy is unconscious, it's a damn shame.

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Have you heard his recent bullshit about wanting the player to project themselves onto Big Boss so they made him speak less in this game? A man who's ideas and opinions have been well-established in MULTIPLE games and NOW he wants the player to project onto Boss? Does he know how stupid that sounds? Couldn't he just say "Kiefer was expensive, less talky more shooting".

This is easily my biggest fear coming into MGS V. When he said that, I was actually pretty pissed.

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@dizzyhippos said:

I believe at some point one of them said every time we ask for one they want to do it less. So congrats on having the opposite effect.

If so, that's just petty.

I could go for an ER right about now as well. Sure, we have had other video series where the crew play through games, but not in the daily format we used to enjoy. Personally I just don't care about MGS either. This is what people must've felt like during the Souls craze. Video's up the wahzoo, just none I actually want to watch. Anyways, I think it's time they bring the feature back. If it seems like a daunting task, pick a shorter game and/or shorter episodes. I don't see any other excuse not to do it.

That's entirely your problem then, a lot of people love the MGS runs, sorry you don't.

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@venekor said:

@corevi said:

@venekor: The Giant Bomb Video Buddy is on iOS. Check it out.

Doesn't work with Chromecast :( Only a few apps do and I'm guessing they all have to be official and popular to get officially supported. Why I hope Giantbomb get round to doing one for IOS..

Uh. I don't know why you're saying this because.. yes it does.

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Holy fuck, that pitch video. What accent is that?!

Uh, scratch that. Was that an inside joke?

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This has came up before, emtilt. I'm probably mistaken, but I'm sure game that are different like that are usually listed as separate releases.

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It's a shame, I must imagine there are better ways, paying almost 5 times as much for shipping on a $10 shirt is crazy. Then you might have to deal with the customs charge as well, ugh.