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This is good news for everyone, especially now that Giant Bomb has recently started capturing at 60FPS! Anyone else really happy with this? Being able to see games in this quality is no longer locked behind vimeo or other proprietary video players.

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The sad thing is, this DLC will sell like gangbusters.

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They use the same embed player for all the streams, I think. So if any time you got to that page, it'll be the latest stream there, sadly.

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Anyone know when Bayley managed to give a high-five to one of the inflatable dudes?

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My first thought was something along the lines of "Minecraft is gone from the Xbone... hey that rhymes!"

Hate to burst your bubble, but that doesn't rhyme.

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Pointless topic. Take it somewhere else.

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@baillie: huh. Are you using an app or reader of some kind? Or are you just downloading from the GB webpage? Doggcatcher isn't pulling the latest bombcast from any feed I have tried.

When I inspected the xml for both the premium feed and the bombcast specific feed, neither of them had the 10/14 bombcast listed.

iTunes and Pocket Casts. Maybe they removed it after the fact?

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Actually... I can't get the latest Bombcast to come up in any feed. I guess it's just an issue with the xml that is out there. They just haven't added the latest bombcast to the feed.

Er, no. It's working fine.