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Never put any videos of this annoying cunt on here again, thanks.

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@kineticflow: Chrome syncs too. Why don't you just use that when you want to watch a stream? It's more of a problem on your end, I can watch it with chat on IE11, using Parallels on my Mac.

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@herbiebug: Yeah, but the snowball act is from pussy to mouth. I don't know what you're not getting.

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only question i have and this is important to me please i hate when open world games do this.... CAN AIDEN SWIM??

I like to imagine characters like John Marston could theoretically swim but dissolve instantly in water.

Most people 100 years ago weren't taught to swim, so for Marston it makes sense.

Now, if Aiden can't swim, then that's just lame.

Isn't Chicago landlocked?

Right next to Lake Michigan and the chicago river cuts through it.

Yes. Aiden can swim. Conan O'Brien swam in his review series.

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Metal Gear Solid 2, Resident Evil 4, Most of the Ratchet & Clanks, Jak & Daxter... Just a lot of PS2 games. I used to play far fewer games back then so I'd consume as much of their content as possible. I'd sometimes play one game for two or three months.

The most impressive(?) though is that I did everything in We <3 Katamari. All the cousins, the entire collection with hundreds, possibly over a thousand items annnnd most importantly collecting one million roses. That's something only crazy people go for... The reward. The title screen now says "One million roses fabulous". I have S-Ranked two Katamari games with achievements/trophies and neither of them have anything as crazy to do as that game.

MGS 2 and Resident Evil 4 definitely have achievements. Compare the list and see if you manage to do everything on it.

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I dunno why anyone would bother playing this game knowing that the best experience you can have is from watching the Endurance Run.

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I think you need that snippet of Brad actually singing 'Barkerville' for the first time, it was the cutest thing.