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@mariachimacabre said:

Man, I really underestimated people's excitement for The Winter Soldier. I also totally underestimated the quality of that movie. It's pretty awesome.

Couldn't blame you, the first was pretty awful.

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@gildermershina said:

URN BREW? What the fuck?

Seriously though, speaking as a Scotchman, the secret of Irn Bru is not only is it not made from girders, it's also not that good of a drink.

Seriously, IRN BRU is uh-mazing.

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Not for me. OS X Mavericks, Chrome (Latest Version).

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Is this possible to do? I would like it if the mouse cursor would disappear after a second or two of non-movement while watching a video on fullscreen! Thanks for any answers.

Note: I didn't know if this was the right place to post this.

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Yeah, I tried this a few days ago too. Happening for everyone it seems...?

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Anyone know when this will be archived and available to watch?

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  • Muppets Most Wanted - 3 Stars
  • Mud - 4 Stars
  • The Raid 2 - 2 Stars
  • 300: Rise of an Empire - 2 Stars
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier - 4 Stars
  • Need for Speed - 3 Stars
  • The Book Thief - 5 Stars
  • Monuments Men - 2 Stars
  • The Lego Movie - 3 Stars
  • Saving Mr Banks - 4 Stars
  • Lone Survivor - 4 Stars
  • I, Frankenstien - 1 Star
  • Dallas Buyers Club - 5 Stars
  • The Wolf of Wall Street - 4 Stars
  • 12 Years a Slave - 5 Stars
  • American Hustle - 4 Stars
  • 47 Ronin - 3 Stars
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@rachelepithet said:

This was the best WrestleMania ever because it finally made everyone see Brock Lesnar the way I (and maybe Jeff Gerstmann) do. I'm not saying he's the primary reason I stopped watching WWF in 2002, ("what" chants, the Invasion, and a failed DX reunion mattered more) but he is up there. A big dumb roid elephant who looks like an infant dumped into the TMNT ooze, that hates the business and wishes he could be anything but a professional wrestler. And all the kids into songs like "back off, I'll take you on" ate his bullshit right up. We went from Austin and Rock to a second rate Goldberg with worse moves and the ratings went from 8.1 to 3.3 and stayed ever since.

Brock is the most talented and gifted athlete on the roster, sorry to break it to you. JUST LIKE HE BROKE THE STREAK.

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So were the duders on any panels that were broadcast yesterday?