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That happens to me a lot. Just gotta refresh or something usually, but never lasted longer than say an hour?

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@mechakirby said:

@spicyrichter: This is ridiculous. Dan is right. When you're discussing anything subjective, like if Monster Hunter is good or bad, the opinion part is implied. I'm not ending each sentence in "IMO" because we're adults and it should be obvious. Care less about people disliking things you like

I don't like monster hunter either. But here's the thing: I didn't just say "Monster Hunter is bad", it's just not for me. I also don't like Dark Souls. Not for me. But I'm not in a position to say it's bad because I haven't given it enough time to form that opinion

When someone says something is bad, especially when they haven't given it time to actually form a valid opinion, they're doing it to be inflammatory for inflamitories sake. Something isn't "objectively bad" just because you don't get it. If we're all adults, as you say, then we'd leave room for other opinions and avoid the irritating declarative statements that Drake is so fond of bringing up.

There are things I really like about Dan: I love that he wants to have a good time, all the time, and love every second of his life. That's great. But when you're doing it at the expense of everyone else, al la "I don't care, as long as I'm having fun it doesn't matter to me", that's a pretty shitty attitude.

Or maybe YOU'RE the one being pedantic here? If I say Monster Hunter is a bad game, then feel free to know that's my opinion. Seriously, you're not acting like an adult when you're being so childish about this.

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@baillie: i run out of tranq ammo, i had him sneak up on me and shoot in the back. I just need to get better. He also regained all his stamina by doing some crazy chant

I never really shot at him other than when I was right behind him in a hold-up position. To find out where he was, I would go prone and have my camo index at it's max, take out my Directional Mic and start spinning 360 degrees to see if I could hear him - if I couldn't I'd know he's not in this area and move onto another, and repeat.

After finding his direction, I would then go into the map viewer, and see what sniping point is related to that position, and then find a way to get to the back of it. Doing this slowly, using crawling or slow walking behind large objects like big boulders/cliffs. The end will hear you and face your direction if you're anywhere near him, if you're not using the D-Pad to walk.

Get behind him, hold him up - make him shake 3 times to get his moss camo - using this to get 100% camo index on the ground most of the time. If he runs, you can shout him in the back, but don't fire too many times, just the once. Try to face away from the Stun Grenade he throws as the blinding effect won't last as long. Then use your Thermal Goggles to follow his footprints to his next location, remembering to use your D-Mic every so often to see if he's close by - as he'll start talking more and saying 'This is THE END', etc.

Rinse and repeat. Or you can just find out where he is and blap him a few times with the SVD and all that if you don't want to be too sneaky sneaky.

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@devil240z: Usually 8am GMT on tuesday, so almost 22 hours from right now.

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I can't wait to see what he does in THE END boss fight. I've failed it twice now and had to put the game down for a bit. I might just watch instead of play, he's nearly there

Yes +1 for tigerstripe

What are you having problems with? I just literally did it twice.

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The length of time between Drew playing each time is making him not understand the mechanics very well. Oh well. Just let them play, stop telling them what to do, instead just lend some advice.

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Big Boss, easily.

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I sort of zone out during the non-lost talk. It's called lost rewatch podcast and it's usually less than 50% lost talk.

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