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I was in High School. I was in Computing, and was on the internet and I saw the news. It was about 1PM when I saw it and told the class, no one really believed me or knew how big this really was. It wasn't till I got home and saw it on TV that I realised the magnitude of the situation.

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Which has nothing to do with Peter Dinklage.

Uh, how?

Look at the design of the Ghost. Actually pay attention to its dialogue. It was never meant to bring emotion to the story. The acting is accurate. The problems lie in the characterization.

Makes a big difference, though. No one gives a shit about the Ghost, people love Cortana. Not putting all the blame on Peter, but he's not doing anything noteworthy.

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Oh man, I would totally be down for having a poster! Put my name in the hat, duder!

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Well it's not like it was building up to anything.

True enough, the whole thing is really confusing, it's like it's missing the beginning and the end of a story, no part of the game explains anything or why I should care.

Hey man, Grimoire cards! Why have a game tell you the story when you can go online and read cards?

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Well it's not like it was building up to anything.

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When I commented on that vid last night brad had filmed the sender adress for the first 20 seconds ( to be fair it just looks like numbers) so I imagine they decided to take it down

Yes, I totally noticed that when I saw it. The address was pretty apparent and I was like... Uh. I hope that's not the users home address.

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That is weird.

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@archer88: Borderlands was pretty popular.

I guess I was thinking more of Borderlands 2. In general that was still a popular game, I just don't see that reflected here. I know Jeff gave it a favorable review and there was excitement for it right off the bat, but it seemed like by the time the end of the year awards rolled around GB people didn't care much for it. Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep, despite being considered by many to be the best DLC for Borderlands 2, received a pretty negative response here.

Look at the soon to be released Pre-sequel. When it was announced there seemed to be a lot more hatred for the series than excitement. Despite being the third game in a popular series it has had little discussion or coverage. Hopefully that will pick up closer to its release.

The sequel is basically a carbon copy of the first. I think people just got bored of it.

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Just wanna say, dunno why people are complaining about Peter Dinklage. He's playing a fucking robot.

So is cortana.

A) I've only played 1.5 Halo games, but AFAIK Cortana is an AI based off of a real human?

B) What's your point?

She brought emotion to the story.

I see. Thank you for that delightful Halo factoid.

Which is the problem with the Ghost in Destiny.

Which has nothing to do with Peter Dinklage.

Uh, how?

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what do these do?

They just unlock grimorie cards.

Not all of them.