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Is this strictly video content? Because otherwise the correct answer is the Bombcast. That easily the best and most content the site has put out. It is the only thing that can handily beat the P4ER.

Yes, which is why I said this and why Quick Looks aren't in it.

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Quests are pretty cool. They make people who don't use the wiki, use the wiki. It can be a fun game to try and figure out how to unlock some quests, collaborative efforts and trying to unlock them all. The ones like FIRST! were a cool concept but it broke down very quickly.

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@lelcar said:

Anyway, that said, I'd say that the Persona 4 Endurance Run is seriously one of the best pieces of entertainment on the entire internet.

I can get on board with this.

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The end of this video is great.

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Uh, TANG. Definitely TANG. Easily the stuff I rewatch the most (I don't rewatch a lot of stuff, though).

Dude what?! How has nobody mentioned This Ain't No Game?!

Whoa, I dunno how that didn't cross my mind.

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@sterling said:

Its not listed in the poll. Its the E3 late night bombcasts. To me those are the best content the site produces all year. Because its a bunch of industry guests, and its all very relaxed and casual. Everyone has fun, and there is always tons of laughs to be had. So many great stories told also. I look forward to them every year. And this last year was amazing. Patrick killed it with his guest round up.

@conmulligan said:

It's not in the poll, but I think the E3/GDC after hours shows are consistently the best pieces of Giant Bomb content.

This man knows whats up.

God damnit. I'll make a new poll when this one winds down with better choices.

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