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@jagehtso: Yes, unfortunately too far fetched. Microsoft and Sony would NEVER and I mean NEVER allow a competing store on their closed consoles. Those stores are what they are seeing as their primary way to make money on this generation of consoles, and no way are they sharing that sweet sweet cash with Gabe.

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So, August 16th, 2012, Rebellion Studios files suit against Stardock Entertainment, publishers of the game expansion "Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion" claiming that the name of that game was an attempt to confuse the marketplace by latching onto the lauded name of the developer that made 2010's Aliens vs Predator and the more recent genre definining "Zombie HQ"

Obviously they are hoping the rest of the world is as patently stupid and easily mislead as they are.

If the judge doesn't order the court bailiffs to beat Rebellion's lawyers senseless for daring to walk into court with those allegations, it will be a miscarriage of justice.

Though, I guess filing a suit in the same day that Stardock does, claiming that the horrendous buggy and unplayable Elemental failed in the marketplace because one minor person destroyed marketing materials (Presumably that actually warned people to NOT buy the game... because otherwise that lady was doing the world a favor by trying to bury that game.)...

Oh, and hey my inbox today has an invite to BETA 4 of the "free expansion" they promised for Elemental that's supposed to convert it from dross into gold...

OK, my tinfoil hat is getting REALLY hot right now.

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@Gordo789 said:

I never, ever, ever gift a F--K.

And if you do: Always, ALWAYS, get a receipt.

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There's nothing positive to say about LA for the most part, other than most of the time its at least 80 miles away from me.

But I've got to let you in on a little secret:

I HATE San Francisco too.

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My first computer I owned. VIC-20 was the first computer I ever touched (shortly after a Kaypro III at my friend's defense contractor father.

I at least seriously owe a lot to this guy.

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Not a great article, BTW... It really was too long in the sense that it expended a lot of words on exploring very few concepts or concerns. Also, in that it was essentially two people talking about what they thought other people were talking about about a game/movie... I try to avoid conversations like that since my college days 20 years ago.

I'll summarize my issue with the ending here. I played 2 7/8 games that were strictly space opera: gun fights, humanoid aliens that largely mirrored narrow aspects of the human condition, space battles, action action action... Then at the end, they thought they were writing something high concept akin to 2001 A Space Odyssey and went for a massive tonal shift, and the dilemma they proposed wasn't particular thought provoking OR "bittersweet". It largely was just "puzzling," a non-sequitur there mainly just there to unsettle you. That's a problem with a lot of modern drama writing, that they think that's clever. High Concept Sci-Fi is hard to do, and they didn't succeed.

Oh hell, who am I kidding? I didn't like the ending because it essentially made me realize I'd invested 3 games and 120+ hours into what was essentially Mannequin 3: Seth Green Gets Some.

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This is where I mention that I didn't even realize that you COULD lose important characters in Mass Effect 2 in the suicide mission until a friend was complaining to me later they'd lost "nearly everyone" and I was like "what, Chambers is nearly everyone?" and they explained they'd lost Miranda, Tali, Thane, Jack, and probably a few others.

I think I play these games too methodically to ever have that happen. I'm always getting every last resource I can and burning out every last conversation tree they'll give me. And it was not like I was TRYING not to lose anyone, I just made the decisions and everyone except Kelly survived. I didn't realize till later that people were reading "recipes" online to "ensure a good ending."

Actually, at this point I don't know if Kelly can survive at all or not.

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I got the first game.

I'm am very glad this was a test and not being recorded so my humiliating defeat is not recorded for posterity. :)

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I'd like to see an expansion of availability of the PSN card program and pre-paid account servcies...

Because as soon as they go online I'm yanking my card permanently from them and not putting another card on there ever again.
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I just want a patch that has post-morning-coffee Sub-Zero in it. Guy just can't seem to get it together today, man.

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