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Posted by BakerTheZombie

So I got the first 2 episodes of my Witcher 2 "endurance run"-style playthrough up on my blog. You should probably check it out: http://www.gnirip.com

Also included a short update on ZSBAT2011 :D


Posted by BakerTheZombie

Episode 5 just went up, for anyone interested. :D

Posted by Tennmuerti

It's surprisingly good and watchable commentary for a solo playthrough.
I watched the first 2 vids, and didn't just close the page, which is what usually happens.
Keep it up.
But this kind of thing seems to usually work better when you have at least 2 people who can bounce shit of one another.

Posted by valrog

Shameful promotion.

Posted by BakerTheZombie

I don't deny the shameful promotion, but I have to get the word out somehow, right? And I know it would work better with multiple people, but playing through such a long, single-player experience with someone else simply there for color commentary didn't make much sense. Plus, scheduling something like that would be a bear. Exactly why the Terraria series has been delayed so much. :/ I appreciate the comments, either way. :D

PS: The first set of episodes are rough as far as commentary and audio, the set coming out of the second night are much better.