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The Doctor Who theme from the new series for calls, and a heavily trimmed Guile's Theme for messages.

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This is probably the best thread I've seen in weeks.

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@AltonBrown: I doubt Jerry would let anyone else write his game. Rainslick is something they feel they own and love, as evidenced by them continuing the story after the games stopped the first time.

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@Tennmuerti: I'm assuming he bought them. Praxis points are 5,000 credits a piece at the LIMB clinic.

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution was a game that I had my doubts about. The original was fantastic, I had heard the sequel was abysmal, and this "reboot" coming 10 years later did little to ease my apprehension. E3 was full of bad news for the game, and I had all but written it off. That was until Valve pulled its typical trickery, and lured me into buying the collector's edition. 8 TF2 items, you say? Five dollars cheaper than the console versions, you say? The fuckers got me again. But I have never been more glad they did.

Of the small portion I've played, Deus Ex is an amazing game, although not without it's faults. The thing is, listing them out makes it seem like I hate the game, mostly due to the sheer volume. There are a veritable ton of minor flaws, but the thing is: they're MINOR. Controls take a little bit of fiddling to get comfortable, there isn't a windowed mode, some voice actors are bad, and the list goes on. So far the bulk of the game, the stealth and story, are amazing. The corporate espionage is interesting and the world seems to be packed full of story leads and side missions. I've really fallen in love with what I've played of the game so far, and I think if you were even considering the game it deserves a look.

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PAX Jax was so much better than PAX Sivir. Plus, it rhymed.

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God, I love that Anivia skin. Been tempted to give her a shot just to buy the skin. Grats on the win!

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If anyone wants to teach me Skarner, I'm definitely interested. I just wish Wukong was free this week, I really want to give him a try.

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@iAmJohn: I think that's meant to be the in-game date. Not necessarily the release date.

Also, this is basically 2012: The Game.

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Existentialism. I know, the theme is often pretty subtle, but pay attention next time. Close attention.