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Good one, Dr. Games! Great read.

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I have no problem with the ultimate resolution to the ending of ME3. I draw a line between the, "Ending," and "Resolution," because to me, the BS part of the ending was the little boy avatar thing and what happened to The Illusive Man. I personally like the "Red" resolution for various reasons but I though the synthesis ending was pretty neat. What I enjoyed thinking about was how the war had effected Shepard and how she (yes she) might have changed. I personally played ME1 as a paragon, ME2 as a pragmatist and ME3 as more of a renegade, which gave a natural arc to her anger. Obliterating The Reapers for what they had done was the only choice for me, even if it cost Shepard her life. I know Shepard survives in some endings, but to me, that's also BS, this was a story about her end.

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@yukoasho: Agreed, Twitter is mostly garbage, but I'd encourage you to actually take a look at some of Anita Sarkeesian's videos if you haven't already. She goes out of her way to say it's still okay to enjoy the games she criticizes and that she's not damning them. I believe her point is that the depiction of women in games could use some improving, period. I find it hard to take umbrage with that. I don't think she's suggesting that sexuality has no place in games or that gamers haven't decried flagrant examples of poor treatment of women in games.

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@rorie: Keep up the good work! Thanks for indulging us as much as you do.

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@spacekatgal: I think you're being courageous and I love your perspective on things. I'm really sorry to see this ugly beast of GG cause so much damage. I hate to think that in this day and age, that a woman could be scared away from doing any job in the Western world. This is a hard dose of reality for those of us who'd hoped most of this was behind us.

One place I'd disagree though is, I think it's a little harsh to criticize GB for not having women on staff, given how small they are. I think they could stand to have more women on staff, but I do wonder if there are a lot of women with the caliber of writing and personality that they're looking for. I think they're certainly out there, but maybe they're not quite so numerous as we'd like to see.

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She was asking for $6,000, not $60,000, but it was a Kickstarter, so she got ~$160,000 and she's in the process of releasing 12 videos (she's already released 7) that are about 30 minutes each. Get your facts straight.

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So I guess the objectification and murder of millions of male characters in games and movies means nothing....

You're really trying to say that men are the real victim here? This isn't a serious rebuttal to what this woman is going through.

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@spacecouncil: Have you watched any of her tropes vs. women videos? Watch the Ms. Male Character video and please point to the part where she loses her objectivity.

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To anyone that might try to deny the link between #GamerGate and these threats: This is the problem when you try to address sensitive issues with a hashtag. You can't have a deep conversation 140 characters at a time. I'm sure there are many #GamerGate supporters who find this behavior abhorrent, but their preferred narrative has been shouted down by the controversy and so it's either time to switch tactics/venues or move on with your lives.

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Patrick, people who support GamerGate have been sent death threats too. These threats are not isolated to either side, please don't group a whole movement of people who want a positive change in the industry with one bad person.

you could concede the point that GamerGate has valid criticisms to be leveled at the industry and journalism, but the movement has been hijacked by reprehensible elements and lost the narrative. People with those concerns need to organize around something better than a hashtag that can be co-opted for all the wrong reasons.

It's the same reason brands need to be careful about the use of hashtags. I'm constantly tweeting about the horrible service I get at #mydunkin :)