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There's only one ini file embedded in the exe and people have figured out how to hack into that and fix it. There's details on the forums at and a few sample mods already. They didn't leave a lot of hooks in for customization but there are tweaks that can be made to a lot of the numbers behind combat and the economy and a few minor gameplay things and partially implemented features like "Second Wave" which exposes some settings to new games after you beat it once.

It's built on Unreal Engine, so there's hope that some of the models and maps can be modded later for supporting other things down the road.

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I recently purchased it and played a few hours. I haven't encountered any problems so far, but I don't know if I would have before the patch.

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Flagged for what precisely?

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First blog post here. Trying out this new questing thingy. It's a bit like that achievement you get for pressing the start button, or completing your character or something. Still it's pretty fun though. And to be quite honest, I'm completing a quest set by writing this post.

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@JokerClown88 said:
" Q content.  Awesome. "
Please oh please oh please let it be the John Delancie Q.
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I'll be Ada@Bakonon Looking to join or start a fleet.

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@JJWeatherman: I wish I were, that's a pretty sweet Optimus Prime costume.
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Yes, thank you for that clarification. I have been schooled. *eyeroll*

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I meant no disrespect, but I would like to thank you for hijacking my thread to talk more about the Lobsters.

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While the lobsters sounds like fun, it's a bit jarring to my suspension of disbelief. Anyone care to form a real fleet with me that's not quite so goofy? I'll take suggestions on names.