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So funny that I found this thread right at the time I started to watch anime again. Saw Akira yesterday for the third time and already have on my list Sword of the Stranger, Cowboy Bebop The Movie, the three movies of Evangelion and The Wind Rises. Thanks to the op for the suggestions.

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Welcome guys. Make yourselves at home. So excited with the new blood.

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As a portuguese, I can say that watching the USA vs. Portugal match was painful as fuck. Half our players are injured and we simply aren't playing what we used to (Oh that Eder, what is that guy even doing in there). This team when compared to the portuguese team of 2004 or 2006 or even 2010 is just...sigh. I have no hope for Portugal to qualify to the next phase.

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DMC is 9.99€ now on flash sale. Should I grab it now or is there a possibility that will get even cheaper?

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I'm a Benfica adept and of course my team is Portugal. Sorry irish duders.

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This is gold. Pure gold!

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Well, can't say I'm happy with this news, because I'm not. Gonna really miss Vinny on the bombcast, on the quicklooks with Jeff and Brad and on the studio when they do the live streams. But, this gives them the perfect excuse to change the UPF format. It's still enjoyable to watch, but for the last episodes it's becoming a bit boring and without the shenanigans Vinny brings, they definitely have to change the flow of the show (hey that's catchy).

That being said, I wish the best of luck to you Vinny. I look forward to see the new content you'll produce and what Jeff, Brad, Drew and the new face brings us.

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Palmela, Portugal.

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Dracula's a dick.