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These two are plumbers.

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Damn it. Thought that Lassie the dog was in SWTOR. That would be awesome.

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@FreakAche said:

Your spoiler isn't really a spoiler to anyone who's been following this game.

Thank you. When I created a thread about this, everyone attacked me saying wow dude spoilers, what an idiot and I had to close the thread. Good to see that there's still someone with good sense. If you know Elder Scrolls series you know that something like this would be in the game.

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I made a thread about this but seems that I upset some people around here since I didn't mark it as spoiler. Anywho here's the video that was on that thread and that I think is pretty cool.

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This is going to be fucking epic.

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Pretty much the same that Kessler's. That horrible hotel in vampire bloodlines scared the shit out of me when I played it, mostly because I was not expecting it. I just wanted to play a vampire rpg, not a scary scene with a haunted house. After that (and because of the bugs) I didn't finish it. But I'm a wuss with scary games. I hated the Dunwhich building in Fallout 3 and even the caves and ruins in Oblivion made me feel uncomfortable (although that doesn't stop me of playing Skyrim in two weeks from now).

Also Patrick, I'm totally with you. When I saw Blair Witch, I was 14 and didn't sleep for 2 weeks, always thinking about what happened in the movie, mainly because there was a rumour at the time that said that the movie was real footage of a camera found in the forest. Still gives me the creeps thinking too hard on the final scene of the movie (where the girl is calling the dude turned to the corner).

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Portugal is not a province of Spain. It really is a country in Europe.

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Patrick is a goddamn crazy dude, I love it.

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I heard that Xenoblade Chronicles is pretty good. But you have to import it...

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Well, we still have the Random PC game videos. I'm actually more excited for one of those than the ER.