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Geralt of Rivia.

This. Or Cole. Or Ezio. Damn it I don't know. There's so many choices...

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@liquidmatt: @lhaymehr: @Turtlebird95: @DeeGee: @HatKing: Those are ALL excellent games that deserve finishing!!

...that said, I can't fucking finish Half-Life. I've tried playing both 1 and 2, and I just don't get what people see in it. Maybe i'll try again later this summer...

I think the exact same thing. All the praising for Half-Life is something I can't understand.. I couldn't care less for Half-Life 3 or Episode 3.

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Persona 3: FES and Persona 4.. I just don't have time with so other games to play and things to do...Also Oblivion and Okami.

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Bioshock (started it three times already), Dragon Age 2 (I'll finished it eventually), Fallout New Vegas, Assissin's Creed Brotherhood, Persona 3 and 4, God of War 2 and the list goes on... An adult's life with responsibilities is hard..

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Go Portugal!

Yeah, if the whole bailout fiasco didn't endear them enough to the rest of Europe, this is sure to get the job done!

Sure. Because a dispute between a guy with a board game and some guys that made a videogame is on the same league that an international debt that has been costing thousands of jobs to the portuguese people and causing cuts in the subsidies that we receive. A debt that we have because of bad political decisions that led to spend money that we didn't have. So, unless you're portuguese don't talk of things you don't know.

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So, while I was shopping at Ikea (Schaumburg), I noticed a fellow Giant Bomb user in the distance. He was wearing the throwback tee. I was too far to yell out, "GIANT BOMB", and I didn't want to run from one side to the other just to be like, "yo dawg, giant bomb is the shit!".

Anyway, has anyone had user sightings, and feel free to share your story!

It was probably a good idea not to scream "GIANT BOMB" in the middle of the street, if you know what I mean ^^As for your question, no, I haven't. But then again, I live in Portugal, so yeah... not likely to happen xD
I'm from Portugal too! feel free to yell "GIANT BOMB" whenever you like.

Same here!

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I'm giving 3 stars to Portugal but not far from 2. Things here are not great right now (hum maybe they never weren't). But it could be worse right? RIGHT??

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@mantasradzas said:

They will just release it with the alternate title "The Game About Love: A Trenched Story". Or for our Portuguese friends "O jogo sobre o amor: uma história trenched"

"O jogo sobre o amor: uma história nas trincheiras" :)

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Man seeing my country in a news like this is unbeliveble. We rarely are mentioned in the videogame industry..