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They will just release it with the alternate title "The Game About Love: A Trenched Story". Or for our Portuguese friends "O jogo sobre o amor: uma história trenched"

"O jogo sobre o amor: uma história nas trincheiras" :)

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Man seeing my country in a news like this is unbeliveble. We rarely are mentioned in the videogame industry..

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The things they showed were so high end that my pc almost didn't have requirements to run the video.

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Alpha Protocol, Dragon Age 2 and Kotor 2. The last one not the game itself really but the ending. Oh that ending....

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Oblivion.. The environments in Morrowind always seemed too alien to me..

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That is all.

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I played this game a LONG time ago but I remember that there is an island somewhere where you can grind to level 100 easily using a skill with Quistis. Being on a higher lvl should help you. Sorry I can't help you more but look that up on a Final Fantasy VIII wiki or something.

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I have plenty of them. Since June 1999 I buy on a monthly basis a portuguese videogame magazine called BGamer. I have a card box full of them on my parents' house and a pile on my house. I know. I have a problem...

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Nothing like that, but my 10 year old stack of game mags was getting out of control, and a bit embarrassing since I was so attached to them . I ended up throwing them all out.  Ah, I wish I would have saved a few issues of PSM. 

Dude how I understand you completely. I have 12 years of game mags and still going. Altough, my wife is pressuring me to throw them away, at least some issues to make room. But the covers with games of 1999 are so awesome...
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Crazy are you.