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I bet it's something related to The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf. They were working on that before and it was something that was put on hold because of Witcher 2.

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Well this gets me more time to play Skyrim I guess..

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Phantasy Star and Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse both for the Master System.
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I really dig Cyrax. It was the first character I finished the arcade mode with. Also Smoke.

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could it be?

Edit: Yes it is. Finally.

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Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 is a good one. Also Eternal Sonata,  Valkyria Chronicles and Okami.

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@project343 said:
" I'm enjoying the story and characters more than Origins. Maybe I'm crazy. I also liked Jade Empire. SOOOO. "
Dude Jade Empire is awesome.
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@Traegan said:
" @HaltIamReptar said:
" @Traegan said:
" @SpicyRichter: @SpicyRichter said:
" Saying that ME2 was better on the 360 is insanity  I'll give you borderlands though "
Load times killed ME2 on the PC for me. "
You're insane.  What load times?  It ranged from instant to five seconds, for me. "
 Changing floors on the ship were upwards of 1min sometimes.  Granted I was only running like a 2.8 GHz core 2 duo with 4GB of memory and a 7200rpm drive.  But when the xbox on slower hardware loads faster, it was pretty apparent that some optimization love was put into that release.  If were running a kick-ass PC setup, I think it would be a no brainer to get DA2 for PC.  I could crank the visuals way beyond the xbox.  As it stands, I'll probably be playing at around the same settings.   So really it is an issue of controls + interface for me.  Accessing a multi-tiered menu that was obviously a lazy port of radial menu on the PC makes me cringe (for example see Borderlands:PC) "
Search in Google for MassAffinity. It's a program you  can use to make the loading times in ME2 shorter. I have PC similar to yours and after I used it, the loading times in the ship reduced to 2-3 seconds.
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I'm a  Histotechnician in a hospital in Portugal. Not the thing that I most love to do but someone has to do it.