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I've red that these system requirements are still to be confirmed by Ubisoft. Someone discovered them on a korean site (don't know if it was on Ubisoft korea website or something).

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You know what? I wasn't untill a few hours ago. I'm a health professional on a hospital here in Portugal and we have a lot of people that comes from Africa (ex-portuguese colonies mostly). Some of the countries make border with nations that have infected people. Also, Spain, which is right next door, have at least 1 case confirmed. So yeah, I'm a bit worried. Not in panic obviously but concerned. Oh, and our country isn't prepared for a disease like that at all.

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I'm a sucker for a 19th century victorian ambient so maybe that's a option? I know we'll have order 1866 but I was thinking more of a rpg game set on that era. Also an action adventure game set in ancient egypt would be great. Of course games set in the 1930's and 40's are always welcome.

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@fisk0: Yes. I did this with my copies of dragon age origins collector's edition, dragon age awakening, mass effect 1 and mass effect 2 collector's edition. Just add the key.

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I've finished it earlier this year and on my first playthrough, I chose exactly the same options than you. But, as the credits rolled, I wasn't happy. So, immediately, loaded a previous save, right before the decision of choosing between Roche or Iorveth. This time, I sided with Iorveth. The game is so much different on the second chapter with a bunch of new characters to know and a whole new place to explore with different quests. You miss litteraly half a game if you play it only once. Now, I have two final saves to use on Witcher 3, but it's almost certain I will use the Iorveth one. It's the one it feels right.

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Sorry for your loss Jeff. My father in law passed away last month and I saw how my wife and her family suffered with it. Can't even think of something like this happening in my family...

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So funny that I found this thread right at the time I started to watch anime again. Saw Akira yesterday for the third time and already have on my list Sword of the Stranger, Cowboy Bebop The Movie, the three movies of Evangelion and The Wind Rises. Thanks to the op for the suggestions.

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Welcome guys. Make yourselves at home. So excited with the new blood.

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As a portuguese, I can say that watching the USA vs. Portugal match was painful as fuck. Half our players are injured and we simply aren't playing what we used to (Oh that Eder, what is that guy even doing in there). This team when compared to the portuguese team of 2004 or 2006 or even 2010 is just...sigh. I have no hope for Portugal to qualify to the next phase.