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Hey duders. So the descritption of the Digital Deluxe Edition in the Uplay store says:

  • 60 mins of Gameplay with Aveline
  • 3 Singleplayer missions
  • 5 Singleplayer Ship Customisation items
  • 4 Singleplayer Weapons
  • 4 Singleplayer Costumes
  • etc..

Now, 3 of the outfits for the singleplayer are the ones from Captain Morgan, Francis Drake and Stede Bonnet (from Black Island, Sacrificed Secrets and Mystery Island, respectively). If you look to the image, you can see that there is another:

So, what is the 4th costume?The only info I got is that it's a unidentified costume. Has anyone unlock it yet?

Also, can anyone tell me what are the 4 singleplayer weapons?

Thank you.

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I'm from Europe (Portugal) but you can count me in: BakumatsuX.

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Hope that Matthew Broderick is in this or heads will roll!

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Ok so when I got the tablet back in February, I was able to watch the videos in high quality without any issues.Now for a month or so, I constantly got them out of sync and I'm forced to download them to the internal memory so I can watch them without problems.

For direct streaming, I used to use the MX Player app in hardware mode. Now only hardware+ allows me to watch the videos in sync but it stutters constantly so it's not a solution. Or change the resolution to low with hardware mode which is garbage. Already tried other apps and the default one and even did a factory reset..

Rant's over but I just want to ask: does this only happens to me or does anyone else also have this issue?

Oh and just for the record, when watching trailers and Patrick's videos, everything is fine so I'm almost sure that the problem is not in my end.

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Hello everyone. Finished Dishonored today and I want to start the dlc but I would like to know, without spoilers, what is the sugested chaos level for the most satisfying playthrough and ending.

I know Daud is supposed to be more evil when compared to Corvo, so high chaos should be more in line with the character, but maybe low chaos is more rewarding in terms of storytelling and ending?

Any suggestions?

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People that spend their time criticizing the work of other people or the people themselves, don't have anything better to do with their lifes. Period. If they had a life with friends, children, a job, a partner who cares about him/her or bigger problems than something said by someone on the internet that they didn't like, they probably didn't have too much time to talk or write about something that isn't that important, specially to their happiness.

Want I just want so say is (and this is something that I learned with the passage of years): Chill out. We only have one life. Enjoy it.

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@fattony12000: True. But is also says: Historically, there is no physical evidence for the existence of this "katana like sword legendarily used by ninja",[6] though it is believed that they are based on the design of the wakizashi or chokutō type swords.[1] Dr. Stephen Turnbull, a historian specializing in the military history of Japan indicates of historical ninja: "The most important ninja weapon was his sword. This was the standard Japanese fighting sword or katana...for convenience the ninja would choose a blade that was shorter and straighter than usual".

So just by using logic and although there is no physical proof, ninjas had to use a shorter sword if they wanted to unsheat it.

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@krullban said:

@markm said:

What the hell is going on here!?

I came in execting everyone to be making the correct and obvious choice which is to carry a sword on your back.

You're running around and shit and you got a sword dangling at your side annoyingly like an asshole.

Sword on back. Free your hands and leave your hips for small blades or smoke bombs.

Holy shit they teach this in grade 3.

Except if you have a sword on your back you can't unsheathe it.

This guy knows that ninjas used shorter swords right?

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I still like to watch Dracula: Dead and Loving it. But of course my votes go to Interview with the Vampire and Bram Stoker's Dracula.