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What we need however is much better writing but that goes for male and female characters. Naughty Dog does a great job here and still she even accused the Last of us as a normal damsel in distress and typical male power fantasy. Nothing you will do as a developer will satisfy her unless you do it exactly as she wants.

Care to provide a link to that? I must have missed that one.

Sorry could not find it anymore. But I am pretty sure I saw it. The only think I can find is that

And if you read this article it is exactly that.

Pretty great article to be fair

I would rather have played as Elie instead of Joel, as her part of the game was far more interesting and enjoyable.

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I agree with what Anita is trying to say, it's just clear at this point that she doesn't have the skill set to be able to say it well.

Treating anyone different for their race/gender/beliefs is just straight up wrong and needs to leave this world.

Unfortunately, Anita just doesn't put her point across in a way that is fun to watch or makes much sense under scrutiny. At this point in time, she just feels like someone using the media attention she garners as a tool to push her one-sided agenda and make money.

A good comparison is comparing her to Skip Bayless, for anyone into sports.

EDIT: I also dislike how it seems that if anyone speaks out against her, they're automatically a bad guy, a misogynist and sexist.

The problem with how she presents her arguments is that they are not put forward as an argument, they are put forward as fact. Every point (how ever valid) she makes as if its a definite fact and then goes looking for evidence to support it. It's not a very intelligent way to go about trying to do anything other than reinforce your own ideas.

And yeah I do agree that it's pretty annoying that anyone who comments or has an opinion different from her's makes you a horrible sexist who should never be allowed to have an opinion.

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The problem this video suffers even more than her previous video’s highlight just how much of a point she is desperately trying to make. There are so many problems with gender in video games, yet she ignorantly skips over those and reinforces her own opinions. Her video’s do nothing to highlight anything other than lazy/poor writing.

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Yeah this 'beta' is totally broken for me, the game randomly crashes without warning or reason, I get dropped from every match I play and when I can connect I get spawned inside objects, glitch out die and then get d/c'd...

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I'm in the beta and it wont actually let me into a game, it either simply randomly crashes to desktop or D/C's me from every match I join or simply wont even let me join...

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One of the best put together FEZ2 stories I've read over the last couple of days, thanks Patrick.

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If Nintendo were to just give out games for free or for just $1 or $2 dollars, then how will you expect them to stay in business and make money? Even if you can emulate the older games for free, Nintendo has to make money somehow to do other projects and pay their employees. Also, Nintendo has invested a lot of money already in their system, and if they were to redesign it, what difference would it make for the demand? We're in a bad economy as it is. Sure the name of the console is terrible, but what's done is done. They have to deal with it and make the WiiU work other than changing the name, the console design, and the price of older games. Just face it, you just don't like WiiU, but you do like Nintendo.

I agree that they will need to lower the price of their system and create an ambassador program for the WiiU. I also believe that they need to deliver more enticing games other than Mario, and try to attract the third party publishers they desperately need. Bring back F-Zero, resurrect the Earthbound or Mother franchise, release a GOOD Metroid, make another Sin and Punishment game, and more! They'll have to make their console appealing through the use of that strange controller with different games and channels. I think that if they could allow apple iphone or android based games to be played on WiiU while maintaining the same price, then that'd be cool. (It'll never happen). They have a lot of work to do, so we'll see what happens.

To some of your points;

  • By essentially giving away NES games and making SNES games super cheap there would be a reason for people to invest in a WiiU, becasue right now... there really isn't much of a reason at all. So yeah they would take a hit on games that have already been made and already exist on there servers, but in the process they would be giving the WiiU some value (which is what my blog is trying to do)
  • I don't like the WiiU becasue it has no games that I care about, has a pretty desperate looking future and I dislike Nintendo becasue of how backward and incompetent they seem (them telling EVO they couldn't stream Smash Brother's being a pretty good example of how clueless they are).
  • By giving the system a redesign, not only would it help a re-branding and re-launch it would make the system cheaper to produce, saving Nintendo money. Sony and Microsoft didn't simply redesign the PS3 and 360 for the sake of it.
  • Bringing back old Nintendo franchises is great, but how can they possibly justify the cost when people are not buying there system. The goal of this blog is to create several things that can be applied to there current system without long term development and investment (bar the redesign). It's taken them a few years to simply put out a new Mario Kart, can you imagine how long its going to take them to make a new Metroid etc?
  • Third parties will come when there is a reason to, Ubisoft have been pretty vocal of how much of an abject failure ZombiU was for them, and that wasn't simply the best launch game the system had, its the systems best game.

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I was so gutted I missed out on the original sale, so buying this was a no brainer!

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awesome stream, I only got the end of it but still made me sad and really happy at the same time

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Ryan is the 2pac of the video game industry, in both the worst the best possible way.