Final Fantasy VI is amazing

I am now 20 hours into Final Fantasy VI for the first time, and it is quickly becoming one of my favorite games. I have played all of the other main series Final Fantasies, and I have seen the endings of Final Fantasy 1,2,4,7,10, and 13, and this game has already become one of my favorites in the series.

One of the biggest things that make this game so great in my eyes is the inclusion of espers. For those that haven't played Final Fantasy VI espers are the system in this game used for both magic and summoning. You equip an esper to each of your party members and then you can summon the esper into battle. When you level up you are given a different stat bonus for whichever esper you have equipped, and you are also given magic points at the end of every battle that gradually allow you to learn the spells associated with each esper. This allows you to put a lot of customization into your party members, and it also allows you to teach every single spell in the game to as many playable characters as you wish. This system is one of the best systems ever put into a Final Fantasy game, and it makes the game incredibly addictive. The only Final Fantasy that I feel even rivals this system is the materia system from Final Fantasy VII.

I am also extremely impressed with the graphics in this game. Flying around in the air ship looks absolutely phenomenal when you consider that this game runs on a 16-bit 4 MHz processor it really shows how good the people that made this game were at making video games.

I just got into the second world, and I am currently gathering my party, so I can go and take on the final dungeon. I can't wait to see what happens in this game, since the story has also been another high point in this game.