Bammy D's Super Awesome Games of 2011!

Alrighty folks, It's time for my top 10 and bonus games of 2011!

This year has been very good in terms of gaming, lots of sequels, new ip's, great indie games, and some rather disappointing ones too, so lets get to it!

NUMBER 10 - Magicka

Probably should also be in the underrated games of the year as well, but this is my top 10 so who the fuck cares!

It came out at the beginning of the year, and most people forgot about it, which is a shame, the game was amazingly fun, and even better with 2 (or 3 or 4) people online, you pretty much move from place to place doing quests and killing shit! The magic system is pretty unique too, messing around with combining spells and end up awesome (or screw up and hurt yourself) It had a pretty good challenge mode too, waves of bad dudes not unlike Horde Mode from Gears. Also the DLC for it is great and hilarious, gotta love the Vietnam one! So if you haven't played it yet, get off your ass and buy the damn thing on Steam, you wont be sorry, and if you are, well then die in a fire (casts double fireball)!

NUMBER 9 - Bulletstorm

Another underrated game on my list!

I pretty much bought into it when a close friend of mine told me she was testing the game at EA in Baton Rouge, so when it came out, I was more then happy to grab it, and boy was I happy! Holy balls was it fun, I haven't been disappointed by EPIC Games and they pretty much served up a win in my book! I feel sad about it though, because it didn't get enough press or advertising to push it into a AAA title, but I guess that's what happens when you want to keep people looking at Gears of War 3. But enough of that! So everything about the game just screamed "gratuitous violence action movie" everything was ridiculous, right down to some of the dialog, Grayson Hunt seemed pretty likeable (even if he sounded way too much like Marcus Fenix) Overall I enjoyed this crazy ass shooter, multiplayer was alright, but then again i hardly touched it.

NUMBER 8 - Dragon Age II

I know I know, I'm going to get beat up for this but hear me out! While it didn't live up to the hype created by Bioware, and couldn't hold a candle to Dragon Age: Origins, It's still a pretty good RPG by them. The storyline was kind of lame sometimes, but some of the side quests were the most memorable ones, and the voice acting was great! I played it twice from beginning to end, with a 3rd ready to boot up and play. Now I wasn't a fan of the combat, and felt the dumbing down of the gear and skill trees to be a real down point. Overall I enjoyed the game, and when I feel the need to play it more then once, that's when i know it's good.

NUMBER 7 - Terraria

Out of all the praise and underground following of Minecraft, this little gem popped out! Personally, I liked it way more the Minecraft, and i'm a huge fan of 8-bit (or in this case 24-bit) sprites. When I first started playing it, I had no fucking idea what I was doing, not until a friend of mine told me. I fucking had a ball with it after that, mining, crafting, killing dudes, summoning bosses to kill them, exploring... I've wasted so much time just walking around, crawling through caves and making my way to hell. By god it was glorious!

My underrated game of 2011 - Rock of Ages - very amusing, and fun game, smashing shit i always fun.

NUMBER 6 - Dead Space 2

Holy shit another EA game on my list, well they did have a pretty good year. DS2 picked up right where I wanted it to, and everything felt the same, and yet it wasn't. It felt smoother, aiming and shooting felt better, and animations looked great! I have nothing but good things to say about it.

My sports game of 2011 - NHL 12 - Improved on the best sports franchise, but needs a new coat of paint.

NUMBER 5 - Battlefield 3

Yeah Buddy, the next installment of my favorite megamultiplayer shooter back and better then ever! I don't really need to say it, but yes i hate CoD, and yes I have my reasons. It's a pretty solid game, and even though I still like Bad Company 2 better, it did improve on a ton of things. Also, adding jets back in has got to be the best re-addition to it, I just hope we're going to get another futuristic Battlefield now that the modern shooter is overdone and saturated.

My Overrated game of 2011 - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - Last good CoD game was CoD 2

NUMBER 4 - Gears of War 3

If it ain't broke... Gears continues to show it's the best 3rd person shooter in the game. Added Beast mode (horde with locust) and the story was really good, great music that fit right in. I'm sure this won't be the last Gears universe game, nor should it be.

My Disapointing games of 2011

L.A. Noir - I had high hopes, but it didn't deliver.

Dead Rising 2 - I loved the game, but it just didn't feel the same

NUMBER 3 - Portal 2

Terrific voice acting, great puzzles, memorable characters, absolutely amazing.

NUMBER 2 - TIE - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Batman Arkham City

It's the goddamn Batman, what more do you want?!

By far the best installment (IMO) from TES, huge area to explore, billions of quests, pretty good voice acting, tons of things to do, oh and DRAGONS! I liked the game so much that I have 2 copies (360 and PC) even if the PC was free from Bethesda. IT seems to get a lot of flack here and there from people, but honeslty, it's a really good game, and I can't imagine anything being quite as epic as fighting a Dragon or 2, with Giants and Mammoths!

My games I still haven't played and would love to of 2011

  • Dead Island - I have it, just haven't opened it yet.
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Money constrictions caused me to skip it
  • The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - Not having a Wii
  • Dark Souls - Also money constrictions
  • Saints Row: The Third - I still haven't played 1 or 2, so i need to get on that don't I?


Great storytelling, amazing artwork, phenomenal musical score. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this game, it's just amazing!


Bammy D's update blog

Alrighty folks, I have been away from GB for awhile as my last thread said, so now I shall bring you up to speed on what I have been up to... No I don't care if you want to know or not. :P 
Anyways, I got back into playing WoW and I am enjoying it. Still, it's nothing compared to vanilla, but it's alright. My guild is currently in the top 10 on Darkspear, and I think top 3 on Horde side. 1st week of Firelands we pretty much got through most of the bosses, it was too easy I might add (which disappointed me). I also noticed how much it remained me of the Fissure instance in Guild Wars, with the open landscape type look, and lava. 
Steam has taken so much money from me in the past 6 months, I've pretty much become Fry when it comes to steam sales. 

Shut up and take my money Steam!               
But that's not a bad thing really, I have waited til games that I want go down to ridiculous prices. Just last week, i bought Morrowind/Oblivion and Fallout: New Vegas from the Quake Con sale, even though I already own Morrowind. (which I gave to my brother) 
Now my game backlog keeps growing, hell, I haven't even touched Dead Space 2, Dead Rising 2, Red Faction: Guerrilla, or The Witcher
At some point, I plan on doing an endurance run on an RPG, I was thinking something that will make me want to kill myself, like Star Ocean The Last Hope, which I do plan on s-ranking (oh god kill me now) or maybe on Morrowind ( I haven't decided yet) 
Finally picked up Rock Band 3, but I could not find the keyboard bundle for the 360 ANYWHERE, oh sure Best Buy/Walmart/Target/Gamestop had the Wii/PS3 bundles, BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOO... 
Whats even worse, Best Buy had a clearance sale for the bundles, 40$ too... I'd rather not buy one for 100+ online either. But it's okay because I managed to hold a RB night at my new apt, which went over well (imagine a large manly man singing I'm So Sick by Flyleaf, lolz ensued)  
The Fiancee has been getting into gaming with me a bit more, she managed to beat Dragon Age Origins several months ago (which is quite a feat seeing as she doesn't play games much) also without my help. It's fun watching her play, because she sometimes forgets to use her special moves and just autoattacks. So when Dragon Age II came out, I waited a few weeks till Best Buy was having a sale on it, 40 instead of 60, so I bought it. I know I'm about to get alot of flack for this but... I liked it. *ducks* 
 It's not as good as Origins, but I thought it was still pretty solid, and had enough content to keep me busy. I also enjoyed the voice acting too, I have a femHawke and a dudeHawke so far (both finished games). FemHawke was a goody goody Mage who hooked up with Isabela. DudeHawke was a sarcastic ass 2handed Warrior who hooked up with Merrill. My 3rd playthough is going to be another FemHawke, Rogue this time. Obviously she's going to be a bitch, but I haven't figured out who I want to romance with her. The Lady romanced Anders, who I did not like in 2, his face changed slightly and his personality felt more like Alistair, who I also didn't like. So that leaves Varric and Fenris
Movies this summer have been pretty good, the ones I have picked to go to at least. ThorCaptain America, Rise of the Planet of the Apes
I don't go to movies often due to my hearing disability, but I probably will now, the theaters are loud enough that I can hear "most" of the dialog, and they even have the little headsets if I felt like using it.  
Anyways, I have rambled on long enough... Now for a parting gift... 
I hate it when this happens... 
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Leprechaun's Charms and other assorted oddities

Greetings, salutations, konnichiwa, bonjour, guten tag, hola, hej, shalom, hyvää päivää.... 
As most of you all know, I am Bam the Leprechaun, you may call me Bam, BammyD, Leprechaun, or Leppy. Welcome to what "should" be the start of a regular blog here on GB. I have been inspired by the great Sweep to blog and do it regularly, and since this will be number one, it'll also be quite long, so sit back, toss a brew, or whatever and enjoy.  
Now to begin this insanely LONG bloggy, we'll start out with... 
Now, I am a 25 year old living in the awesome state of Texas, specifically in the Dallas area since 2nd grade, It's home and always will be. I have been with my Awesome girlfriend for 2 years now, and she is 100% the one. And so, i'm about 200$ shy of an engagement ring, and the plan is to give it to her at Xmas, preferably on xmas eve. But enough of that, lets move on... 
Interesting tidbit, Tai Pei frozen combination fried rice really does taste like fried rice. I can't understand how other frozen asian style foods taste like crap, the recipies of say Beef and Broccoli or Orange Chicken are so simple, so why in the fuck do 90% of the companies and make these dinners fail so hard to make them right? I mean, by comparison Beef and Cheese Enchiladas are IMPOSSIBLE to fuck up. No seriously, trust me on this. Now I will say the only consistently delicious frozen dinners (lunches) are ones by Marrie Calender's and Stouffers, and by god they satisfy me but good.  
Also, king of the motherfucking appetizers at ANY restaurant is...  Spinach and Artichoke dip!  
broken down into 4 sub groups... 
I haven't been watching many movies lately, due to being so goddamn busy with bullshit, and mind you there is A LOT OF BULLSHIT ... i'd rather not at this time... 
Anycrap, the last movie I saw was The Lovely Bones, now I wasn't expecting an acid trip, but goddamn was it trippy. I don't want to spoil anything, but I was surprised at how interesting it was, thought it was about something else entirely. They don't even explain why it was called "The Lovely Bones" apparently the book does, but i'll get to that soon. 
I'm so in love my with my awesome HTC Evo 4G, the phone is so goddamn awesome, and Android is EVERYTHING I want from a mobile platform, and since getting it I had to install one of the eReaders (Aldiko to be exact) and from there manually download and install books from PC to phone. Dexter is the first series I have been reading, and it's even better then the tv series. I'm on the 3rd book at the moment, Dexter by Design, and it's just fucking amazing. I HIGHLY recommend you go buy the books. Also on my super awesome phone is MangaReader, which lets me read manga from 3 different sites (BleachExile, Manga Fox, and Manga Reader) and I have FINALLY read all of Full Metal Alchemist (kicked the shit out of the anime) right now im in the process of reading my all time favorite series, Rurouni Kenshin, which is also the series that got me into anime in the first place. Now there is a huge nagging annoyance on longer running anime/manga series' for me, but that'll be for another blog another time. 
 I have finally started watching How I Met Your Mother and Modern Family, I'm on season 4 of HIMYM and it's gotta be the best sitcom I have watched since Frasier, and with Jason Segal and Neil Patrick Harris in it, well I don't have to tell you how AWESOME it is, go fucking watch it. Modern Family on the other hand is pretty good, it has it's moments, but I am no fan of the mockumentary style photography that most tv shows are using now, that sole reason is why I can't watch Arrested Development or The Office. Sure I have seen a few episodes, but really Arrested Development wasn't that funny, and I can't fucking stand Micheal Cera. I'm also caught up on the ongoing series' (Dexter, House)  
 I probably don't have to tell you all about how big my gaming backlog is, chances are, you're in the same boat. Anywho, I have been playing a lot of NHL11 online, it seems to hold my attention and competitiveness more the Halo or Team Fortress 2, now thats not to say I suck and get bored of Halo or TF2, but see, I used to play hockey in my youth, and while i'll never get to play for a professional team in my life, NHL 's EA Sports Hockey League will have to be the closest thing I can get. Sad really, reduced to playing video game hockey instead of real hockey... such is life... 
As of now, i'm currently playing: Just Cause 2, Transformers: War for Cybertron, NHL11, and Team Fortress 2. 
Speaking of TF2, I just got back into the swing of things and holly shit balls I had forgotten about the updates and new crap they added, It really feels different now, but with new shit comes new annoyances. I still fucking hate Demomen, I still rock motherfuckers as a Heavy, and Pyros are still played by noobs, but spies have gotten better it seems, maybe im just out of practice, but to me they seem to be better at stealth and buttfucking.    
Well I hope you all enjoyed reading this crap, and maybe some of you will stick around to read more when the time comes, maybe? 
I would also like to say before we end this today, that I have a mancrush on Ryan, I don't know why, but I always picture him as a cuddly bear, i just wanna squeeze him! 

 Bam's image of RyanBear

Leprechaun's Topic of the Day: Best of 2009 (Movies)

Before you scroll down, there might be some spoilers... so read at your risk
1. Moon - Sam Rockwell is fucking awesome, add Kevin Spacey as a robot with a smiley face to show emotions and BOOM fucking awesome and best movie of the year, I can't say anything more about it, just watch it! *****

2. Taken - Liam Neeson will kill you and all that you love. To be fair, he did warn them first. The unrated cut is actually slightly different than the theatrical cut, but not enough to charge extra. All hail the world's newest action hero: a 50 year old Irishman known for previously playing a cuckolded husband and a Jesus analog cg lion. ****1/2

3. Watchmen - While I do risk inviting the wrath of purists by saying I liked it, Watchmen was pretty damn good. I'm sad about the loss of the squid. But the fight scenes were excellent, and it quite accurately portrayed a distopian mid 80's. Not the game-changer the fanboys were hoping for, though. That was V. But Zack Snyder continues to deliver, and his strange casting choices always pay out. ****

4. District 9 - Best sci-fi movie in a few years was made by a bunch of nobodies at the bottom of the world. And the best we can do is throw money at Michel Bay to watch him shit out another movie. Come on Hollywood, get your damn act together. ****

5. Inglorious Basterds - Tarantino's much like Mickey Rourke. He may never win an Oscar, but goddamn if he ain't making a compelling case every few years. ****

6. Hurt Locker - Pretty good meditation on what it means to do what you love in life. Starts out an example of macho behavior and gets better as it goes along. Not worth all the Oscars, but good nonetheless. ****

7. Up In The Air - Seems like there were a lot of good movies this year about what it means to be happy, and how that may be very different for two separate individuals. And, of course, the fact that sometimes there is no happy ending. Sometimes you get what you've always wanted, only to find you isn't what you want anymore. ****1/2

8. Fantastic Mr. Fox - Pretty fantastic. Roald Dahl would be proud. His books have ended up as rather good movies. ***1/2

9. Crank 2 - Imagine watching the first Crank at full volume half a foot from the screen on mushrooms. That's what this one is like. Which makes no sense. Jason Statham is dead as hell at the end of the first one. There was no plausible way they could have made a sequel. At the end of this one, he's electrocuted and burning to death and hallucinating. They'll probably make a third one. And it'll be even more psychotic and awesome. ***1/2
10. Ninja Assassin - I know I know, what the fuck am I thinking right? It was good, tons of crazy shit happening at once, people not dying after being cut open by razor sharp swords and shurikens, but fuck if you can't enjoy the mindless digital bloodbath that can only be compared to the bloodiest anime's known to mankind. Who'd a thought that a South Korean Pop Idol could kick the shit out of his former clan? I sure as fuck wouldn't want to come toe to toe with him.  ***1/2
 Honorable Mention

9 - World's gonna end. Just a matter of what - not whom - survives after that. ***1/2

Land Of The Lost - Not sure why everybody hated this one. Will Farrel is in rare form. Danny McBride is unseasonably good to boot. And the second act in the desert is absolutely hilarious. ***1/2

- A coming of age story for the generation Z. Plus, one of the best opening credits I've seen in a great while. ***1/2


Im sitting here thinking "hey I could do that too!"

So yeah, after watching that 6 hour long stream with some of you bombers, and now watching the last few people play Halo 2 on Live over justintv, i'm thinking to myself that I could do that too, and by that I mean be a live and video streaming gamer/reviewer. 
Now I know this is something that's probably out of my reach, but when you see these guys play and hear them, can't help but see myself doing the same thing.
However, I don't know the first thing about streaming games over my PC, nor have I had experience in playing for an audience (save for a few tourneys here and there) But I'm willing to try and see what it takes to get there.
I don't know, wishful thinking on my part maybe, but I could just see myself doing what the GB staff, and other gaming site staff do


Illusive Man Theory *spoilers*

During my 3rd play thru (hardcore) on Mass Effect 1, i noticed something... after the Cerberus quest line, you get a call from a guy who claims to be an agent of the Shadow Broker, saying he wants that data you download from the computer... now fast forward to the 2nd game, TIM says that information is his "thing" and knows a lot...
it got me thinking after my re play in 1, could TIM be the Shadow Broker? To me it would make sense especially how things play out in the 2nd game 
Liara is going after him( and with good reason) 
TIM is not happy with you (if you destroy the collectors ship)
In ME1 you have a shadow broker agent trying to get that data of Cerberus' 
i don't know, it just gave me a "hmmmmmmmm what if..."

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