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I've played through both Obscure games with my brother, I think we never laughed together at a game as hard as we did playing through these two. The stories and writing overall are cheesy and laughably bad, but that was the charm for us, the thing that kept us going. And to this day I listen to the soundtracks, if the area was a little bit lacking in atmosphere Deriviere's music turns the knob on creepy back to eleven, the choir and strings do a smashing job in that regard.

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@super2j: I'm in the same boat, on a laptop that shouldn't be able to even run the game, yet I'm playing on high with smooth framerate. Hopefully Phantom Pain will perform just as well.

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Customer service of a bank...yeah it was even worse than it sounds.

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I'm loving The Evil Within the more I play of it, right now I'm about four hours deep. All the little nods to Resident Evil are well incorporated in the game, I really liked the recreation of that famous scene from RE1 and what I think was callback to the "itchy...scratchy" journal from the same game. From The Evil Within I keep getting the idea that this is what Resident Evil 5 would have been if Mikami has been at the helm. Being on PC the tech side of the game is abysmal, the requirements are insane (especially when I compare it to Alien Isolation which runs on Ultra on my laptop without a single hickup). But the story and gameplay keep me going, which I guess in the end makes it a good game, damn good game.

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@turambar: really the thing that bugged me the most about the trailer

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Nigh 200$ on a dinner for two.

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While I had absolute blast with the original and Modern Warfare I had the most fun with Blops 2. The combo of completely bonkers\retarded\b-grade story for SP and some real fun I had with the MP. It wasn't balanced or well designed but it was fun in that really dumb but charming kind of way.

also seriously: No COD2?

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The weapons, Ultima\Omega\Emerald weapons were always fun optional bosses.

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I wouldn't really disregard modern JRPGs, the SMT series is awesome and FFXII despite some rather questionable character designs was a really good game. Also don't forget Dragon Quest VIII, such an amazing game.

On the Japan-only topic: This ain't a 16bit or Squaresoft JRPG but I'd suggest trying out Sweet Home for Famicom, it's by Shinji Mikami (Resident Evil guy) and it is an awesome blend of RPG, puzzle and horror game with perma-death.

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Kites was the one I randomly came across on TV. It was ok, but really not my cup of tea.