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I think it looks really good honestly! Though I am not a huge fan of Activision right now
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Killstreaks are cool. There are just a bit too much stuff that seems the same.

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Nazi Zombies. Killing Zombies is fun!
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Resistance 1&2. Didn't like the way it played. Story couldn't keep me interested at all.

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Lucasarts says its still inbetween 3 and 4
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I don't think anything has to be done about it. It is just rather frustrating to be killed that way at times.
#7 Posted by BAMoney (20 posts) - might turn into a paid service. But I hope not. I don't want to pay monthly for on Bnet game. Diablo is really the only Blizzard game i play.
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Not that I expect in anyway that someone will ever read this.  
I remember reading awhile back on Joystiq that Cliffy. B. Said Borderlands was the Diablo for a new generation. I find that bothersome. I mean, in what way is borderlands Diablo? Sure its got the loot, and it has quests. But there are a ton of games out there that have loot and quests. Borderlands is a good game, don't get me wrong. Its just not in league with Diablo. Borderlands lacks any sort of interesting story. It relies to much on its shooting aspect (Don't get me wrong, its got great shooting). But it feels like the leveling system was just thrown in there cause Gearbox was playing Call of Duty multiplayer and liked getting experince. I mean its got more to the leveling up that just experience. It has a simple skill tree. I haven't played much RPGs with a skill tree. I know of two games that use a skill tree well (and only one of them i have played) - Diablo II, and World of Warcraft. These games have depth to the skill trees. Borderlands just simply thows one this boring skill tree. Sure i understand it is trying to apply to a larger audience, but look at WoW. It has a more indepth skill tree and way too many people play that game. Just because its a shooter doesn't mean it should be limited on its RPG front. 
Well that's really all i have to say on that matter.
Another thing is - I was on the Infinity Ward forums and I read that a user was saying Halo is a over rated game and that is was bad because of it. Now in what way is it that Call of Duty hasn't been over rated? or over hyped in that matter? Sure Halo is over rated, but why does that make the game bad? People usually come with one argument "I don't like how you can take on anything and you are just one guy". Seriously? There are few FPS games were you are not a one man army... Lets look at what is considered to be the best console FPS -Goldeneye- You are James Bond who is pretty much a one man army. You can take on anything in that game. Or look are Call of Duty itself. If its not on the higher diffuculties than you are a one man army. There are alot of over rated and over hyped games out there. It doesn't mean they are bad games. Uncharted 2 is one of PS3 hyped up games of 09. Now it was a seriously over rated game. But its not bad by any means though. Its just not a perfect game that all those people make it out to be.
Another thing from Infinity Wards forums. A person was saying the Battlefield keeps ripping of Call of Duty. Now what is that? Why? I think Jeff said it best - they simply learn from each other -. They both rip each other off. What game now is actually original? There are a ton of god of war clones out there. But does that make them all bad? well yes most of them yeah. But does that mean one day there wont be a equal or better game like god of war? No it doesn't. I am sure one day a game will come along and show God of War up. Will that make this game a complete rip off? Sure! But if its fun and you enjoy it, who cares?

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I read they were adding it post release.

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It is alright. Seems a bit off to me though.

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