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Heresy I say, Christmas is awesome. And what is it with all the hate, is this some new hipster crap?

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Rouge Warrior

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Alright thanks for the info :-)

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I have heard that the game have on-line co-op, but does it have splitsceen Co-op? Haven't read anything about it so im just wondering?

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Have you seen any Skooma or Nirnroot yet?

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Sir Pounce-a-lot

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Man thats awesome, keep up the good work

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Rolled pyromancer and liking it so far. Using light armor, shield from a dragon I found in drake valley and an awesome axe.

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Installed it, I had massive slowdown during the first boss fight, the.. dark place full of water and ghosts is atrocious, I thought the game was going to die on me when the red dragon scorched me to death.

Had some major lag at these locations myself

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After getting off the elevator that goes from fireside shrine into undead chapel, i started running in the direction of the next bonfire when I noticed multiple bright projectiles coming at me. When I turned to see what was attacking me I saw a white crab-looking creature. It was pretty easy to kill and dropped some titanite. I'd made that run maybe 30 times but there was never a crab before and there hasn't been once since, although the lasercrab corpse is persistent even after visiting a bonfire. Anyone else been visited by a laser crab?

So what your saying got crabs?