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Sounds good to me

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Fuck this game

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The Banner Saga and Dark Souls 2

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@xeiphyer said:

Don't let us down Jeff.

Fight to destroy DotA2! Don't let it make it into any of the lists!

Amen brother

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@nekroskop said:

If only my country would raise that damn import limit that hasn't been changed since 1975. Then I could order games from England at half the price they go for here.

Didn't that make it into the deal between Høyre, FrP, KrF and Venstre? I remember reading something about that.

Fake edit:

Here it is.

Okay, nothing set in stone yet, but it at least looks like they're gonna pull the trigger on this. Hope for something a bit higher than 400 NOK though.

And compared to most entertainment, and how much you can get out of a game, I don't think $ 60 is very expensive for a new game (new PC games are cheaper).

I hope they change the rules on that crappy 200 limit, but I have my doubts even with the possibilities with the new government and their promises.

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- Pretty satisfied about my gaming-related purchases this year and its all thanks to steam and their great sales.

- I spent less money and got more value for what I spent(steam)

- Don't remember my best deal, but it was a on the steam summer sale or another one of those

- I bought Sim City on release......what the hell was I thinking ARGGHH. I mean hell you get more value out of buying 60 dollars worth of shitty tequila

I thing I really learned this year is to not pre-order your games and just wait a while to for the patches e.g the shitty launches of Rome 2 and BF4

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Yeah they are, but it could be worse I guess. I remember the prices for N64 games when I was little *shudders*, those where crazy expensive

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I did my part to give you some helpful info

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@erhard said:

I think you're imagining things.

It is true, however, that they can't make good menus.

oh snap son

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Mother of god, why did I click on this thread *runs away*