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But then again im playing with the sword settings on regular, you can use advance settings for the sword, but i dont know what that does

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The regular swordplay is fluid and really cool and you have super moves which are a lot of fun to use. Power thrust that cut ppl or daemons in half, a circle moves where you swing your blade 360 around yourself, ranged blade attack etc. This is only the sword and you have lots of other weapons(rpg, crossbow revolver, shotty, flamethrower etc.) and magic.

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I haven't played the first shadow warrior and I didn't know much about this one. I watched totalbiscuits video of this game and its sure looked cool. Played for a couple of hours today and boy it does not disappoint. Its like the melee combat from skyrim, crossed with a old-school fps. And did i mention its gory as hell and has really cheese humor, in a good way that is. If your on the fence on this one just watch the trailer :D.

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My profile says 175 games and I've been on steam since 2nd december 2004, 58 of those are installed. I just found humble bundle so its going to be a lot more games in the future ^^

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hahaha this is hilarious

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@tehsorrow said:

So I know I'm an outcast in the Total War community because I loved Empire, but I'm going to extend the olive branch and start a thread about how much I'm loving this game. I'm about 18 hours in as Carthage and had a bit of a rough time getting any footholds because people treat me I'd just got done wiping my arse with their flag.

I really enjoy the way when you get a quality army the army transcends the troops that make it up so even if I disband my Rome pillaging force for upkeep, I can "get the band together" again when they're needed and still get those traits that define the force.

I had a general since the start of my game and he FINALLY captured Rome at the ripe old age of 62, then promptly died of old age the next turn. That just felt so right. He had finished his ambition and died of being content.

Pulling off a Trojan war style beach landing is also extremely arousing.

Your not the only one, I'm having a blast playing as Athens now(my Sparta game did not go well). I enjoyed Empire and Shogun 2 and the internet raged at those games so dunno whats up with people. Of course there are problems with performance and buggs, but sadly thats total war for ya(before tons of patches can repair some of it) But there is no other games on this grad scale.

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Gave up my Spartan game for now. My economy is in shambles, did many mistakes early on, 20+ factions at war with me and my unhappiness is too great :-/. Maybe a silly tip, but dont anger the Selucid Empire early on. Started a new game as Athens, and man this is going so much better. Captured the province Illyria(the balkans), wiped out Epirus and considering going against the barbarians to the north. And people like my a lot better in this game. Is epirus still alive in your games? They been wiped out before turn 5 in my 2 games

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Rome, and it's awesome. Love the new wrinkles to the game.

I imagine next I'd try Carthage, really trying to rewrite history and wipe Rome out, and then I'd probably give an eastern faction a shot, one that has cavalry archers (my favorite style of army throughout history). Hopefully one of the playables covers that style, I haven't checked.

Try Parthia :), they have some really good cavalry, either with lance or bow. Met some of those cavalry they have in eastern Turkey and I lost many dudes to their charges

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I've been playing Total War games since Medieval 1 and i am greatly enjoying my time with Rome 2. Yes there are some bugs and other issues, but for the most part it is a solid title. As for the removal of the Avatar system, it was utter garbage in Shogun 2 and personally i'm glad that everyone has to play regular battles again instead of dividing the relatively small multiplayer user base. I will admit the AI is not fantastic but it is also not noticeably different from Shogun 2's AI and is better then Empire and Napoleon Total War AI. To say this game is "horrendous" is quite simply an exaggeration and you are really over reacting.

This, right here

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I'm playing as Sparta(yeah I know pretty cheese), they got some really good troops, but their economy isn't that great. Fun to have a challenge though :)

So my fellow duders what are you playing as? Or what faction are you going to choose?