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mhm this is going to end well

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Awesome news, I will definitely buy this

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50, holy crap thats a lot of games

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50-60 games that I want to play, but I always buy something new on steam sales or whatevs : - /

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Yup bought a new one this summer for 15 000 Kroner, thats 2500 US dollars

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But then again im playing with the sword settings on regular, you can use advance settings for the sword, but i dont know what that does

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The regular swordplay is fluid and really cool and you have super moves which are a lot of fun to use. Power thrust that cut ppl or daemons in half, a circle moves where you swing your blade 360 around yourself, ranged blade attack etc. This is only the sword and you have lots of other weapons(rpg, crossbow revolver, shotty, flamethrower etc.) and magic.

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I haven't played the first shadow warrior and I didn't know much about this one. I watched totalbiscuits video of this game and its sure looked cool. Played for a couple of hours today and boy it does not disappoint. Its like the melee combat from skyrim, crossed with a old-school fps. And did i mention its gory as hell and has really cheese humor, in a good way that is. If your on the fence on this one just watch the trailer :D.