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Turn your resolution and AA and AS down, and your vsync and depth of field and crazy smoke/shadow effects off. Grab the latest NVIDIA drivers and try with smaller unit sizes.

Listen to Tony, this worked wonders for me. And yeah its way better than when Empire came out, because that game ran like shit

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RIP duder, so fucking sad ;-(

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Here you go

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Homefront. Why the hell did I buy that piece of crap, maybe I was drunk or something, who knows

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1. Total War Shogun 2 - 259 hours

2. CIV 5 - 256

3. Empire Total War - 160

4. Dragon Age Origins - 72

5. Call of Duty World at War - 70

A lot of strategy games, and I find it kinda hilarious that I played COD for that long. It wasn't that good

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after i tried a couple more matches of dota this daily content got a lot better ^^

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Got myself a key, oh man this community is the best :)

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I'm trying to get into dota 2, I was also wondering if there are any spare keys laying around. It would make me a happy duder :)

Steam Username: Bamsen

Steam Id: heinrich0506

Thanks in advance

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Not my thing at all

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