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Yeah sure why not....

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Kristiansand, Norway :)

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Goddammit I have already used about 60 Euros on steam, and the sale is still going strong.

I hope Beyond Good and Evil wins will definitely pick it up.

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@Jevonsp said:

As I lurk on the forums more and more I have seen so much freaking Patrick hate. I like patrick. I don't get it! Why does it seem that everyone hates him?! He writes great editorials that you just don't find on other sights, he is pretty damn funny, and I like his insight. What do you guys hate about him? seriously wondering :(

Oh my god who the hell cares, these "why do you hate" threads are useless

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Damn son Jorn is pretty good :D, thanks for the head up

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@Breadfan said:

bahahahaha this made my day, thanks :D

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That looks pretty good, hope has been restored indeed

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@TheHumanDove said:

@sins_of_mosin said:

Haha wow. You think MP3 is dark? Hell, I can find worse stuff thats actually REAL in the news. Grow up and get a clue.

Wait, I don't think anyone was questioning the fact that, yes, things in real life can be dark. He's talking about the fact that the videogame is dark. You just went full retard

And as we all now never go full retard

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@CL60 said:


@CL60: Do they have videogames in the afterlife? Seeing as you're here and all...

Unfortunately, there is only 1 game. Turns out this is where they put all the copies of E.T

What about Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing ?

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"Thank you", every time im killin off bees I will think of this clip :P