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Already Done

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Thanks for many great suggestions duders or dudettes, and I'm going to be so goddamn broke at the end of this month.


I will check that out, to be quite honest I've never heard of it, but that makes it more exciting

@psylah: @ImaTreee:

I've never hear of Valkyria Chronicles, did it go unnoticed or what? Can't remember if I heard any buzz about that one. And of course I'm going to pick up Demon Souls

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@Klei said:

Vampire Rain.

Edit: I felt too evil. Get the latest God of War ultimate collection. The one with the five games.

Vampire Rain hahaha thats a good one. Man how could I forget God of War, I would definitively pick that up

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Hey duders,

I just bought a PS3. I've been thinking about it for years, and finally I bought one. If these topics are very common I apologize, I just want some suggestions from the community to PS3 or PSN exclusives that are worth a purchase. Anyhow when it comes to what kind of games I like there are nearly no exceptions(the only thing I don't like is sports games).

Games that I have bought:

KIllzone collection

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection

Metal Gear Solid 4

I've been wondering I should buy Tokyo Jungle, because thats the kind of crazy shit I can get behind :-). Does it get repetitive and boring fast or is the drive to unlock new animals enough to make it fun for more than say an hour.

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@falserelic said:

@Bamsen: How was things like for you as a heavy gunner in the military?

It was goddamn fun when you got to shoot, this one time we had 5 50.cals shooting at a target at night with lots of tracers :D. When we didnt shoot or maintain the weapon there was a lot of waiting, just sitting around and be bored as fuck. But I was also a rifleman on my team when we didn't have the around, then there where just ordinary infantry stuff like marching, combat drills etc etc. So overall it was a cool experience, for me anyway

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I served my year in the Norwegian military as a gunner.

Inf. 2nd Battalion heavy weapons company

Here are some pictures of the company emblem, my and me :)

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Yeah sure why not....

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Kristiansand, Norway :)

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Goddammit I have already used about 60 Euros on steam, and the sale is still going strong.

I hope Beyond Good and Evil wins will definitely pick it up.