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Thanks for the replies all! Normally I like games that actually end at some point (one with a plot/''purpose'') but have been enjoying games like the Atelier series/Monster hunter (not really the same) and the social aspect of Persona. Was also a big Harvest Moon nut back in the day. Maybe I should grab a free AC then? Would be either that one or LM

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I try to play pretty much everything and a free copy of AC does seem like a good time to check it out. Is that the best in terms of value and quality though? Hearing great things about LM too.

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Offer comes up for me in europe too!

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Bump for glory!

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Which one of these is best value for your money? Never played an Animal Crossing before.

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Is the social development in any way relatedable to the Persona series? I thought it worked incredibly well in those games and it could propel the story forward if done right.

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Wrong kind of cutesy might have been abit harsh. It does seem to be catered to a specific audience though! Was wondering if the gameplay is solid so that one, who doesn't find the character design appealing, could still enjoy it. :)

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So a few weeks back Atelier Totori did a shadow release on PSN for the vita and I was wondering if it is worth the cash. I did some research on the game and found that it was generally received really well, slightly to my suprise. After watching some youtube videos I noticed that it seems like the wrong kind of cutesy especially in little things like the way Totori walks, talks and jumps.

So I was wondering if someone thought the same thing about this game and picked it up regardless. Does it get better? Is it not that bad to begin with?

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Just found this S4 League promotion on Facebook. It gives a Free Shooting Star Item Pack for new accounts and I can confirm that it’s working!

It includes special weapons such as a Shooting Star Spark Rifle - pretty powerful gun, Papicat Pet, Flying Skills, DJ Set for Males and Lock Away for the Ladies. Most of it is 7 days or 30 days, but hey it's all free :)

Here is how to get it:

1. Go to

2. Register on this page, make sure that you're still on the GameCoach site.

3. Install the game, if you haven't done so already.

4. You will receiving a confirmation your rewards by e-mail (check your inbox/spam), they will be automatically applied to your account.

6. Shoot away!

I can confirm that this is 100% LEGIT and working if you get a new account there.

Also check this youtube vid, explaining the stuff you get and how:

Nice pack to shoot away to build up early creds!

Let me know how it works for you.


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Crimson Shroud! Never been so immersed in a game without moving characters