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Could you add a special permission for adding the innovative and groundbreaking title Dino D-Day to your GOTY list? I know that technically it wasn't released in 2014, but frankly the aftershocks of it's impact on our industry are still felt to this day.

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It just wants to give you a little U time.

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Could we like, I dunno, fill our entire top 10 list with just one game? It's not as if you could tell either way, but we can totally do that right?

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As much as I love nearly every change to the site, the front page is kind of terrible unfortunately. It's not user friendly to have to scroll down an entire page just to look at more than 4 stories.

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Can we pick games that might not have strictly come out this year? I'm not saying I'd pick something like Dino D-Day, but I kind of have to know if I can choose Dino D-Day.

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It wants to be a magazine and it feels like reading a strung together PDF file. I guess if you really like Arthur Gies and pull quotes with gradients you might like this enough to get past the really questionable layout choices though.

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@Tennmuerti said:

Goddamn how I regret selling any of my alloys.

oh no dude what have you done. that is worst mistake ever WHAT HAVE YOU DONE.

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Patrick, all this focus on horror stuff lately better culminate into an ILLBLEED endurance run at some point.

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Hey I'm down for that

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Don't forget that the default difficulty is on Easy for some reason. You can edit the ini files to make it "Classic"(Hard) for a more X-Com experience.